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Huntsville Animal Control Costs to Increase Dramatically

by Walker County News Today staff At its first meeting of 2018 the Huntsville City Council voted unanimously to continue to receive animal shelter services from the City of Conroe, but the cost of those services will increase dramatically. Prior to 2016 the City had been receiving animal shelter services ...

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Community Profile: Rita B Huff Humane Society of Walker County

by Walker County News Today staff With the issue of animal control back in the local headlines, several of our readers had questions about how the Rita B Huff Humane Society had fared since their  parting with the City of Huntsville.  We sat down with Misty Harrelson, current chair of ...

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Huntsville City Council Revisits Animal Control Issue

by Walker County News Today staff The continuing issue of animal control within the city of Huntsville was on the agenda again at Tuesday’s City Council  meeting.  As Walker County News Today readers know, the City had contracted with the Rita B. Huff Humane Society for animal control services for ...

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Changes to City of Huntsville Animal Control

Shelter no longer accepting animals from Huntsville Animal Control. As many people in Huntsville and Walker County are aware, the Rita B. Huff Humane Society Board of Directors has made a conscious decision to place more energy and resources on adoptions. As a result of limited capacity at their current ...

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