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TRA Increases Water Release at Lake Livingston Dam

by Walker County News Today staff

The Trinity River Authority has been steadily increasing the discharge rate at the dam over the past 24 hours.  At 10:00 PM on Saturday, TRA reported a discharge rate of 60,800 cfs (cubic feet per second).  By 1:00 PM on Sunday the rate had increased to 110.600 cfs.

TRA issued the following statement:

“We are receiving questions and social media posts about activity at the Lake Livingston Dam related to Hurricane Harvey. And we understand and want to provide some information that hopefully answers some of these questions and concerns.

The Authority releases water from Lake Livingston Dam according to the flow of the Trinity River and reservoir levels; the amount of water discharged during normal use and during heavy rain events is a direct result of how much water enters the lake. Essentially, for every gallon of water that enters the lake, a gallon is released. The Authority constantly monitors river flow and reservoirs levels during weather events. The Authority operates the dam so that we are never releasing more flow than would be present in the river in the absence of the dam.

The structure of the dam is solid, and its integrity is intact. The dam is not at risk of failure.

For round-the-clock information about discharges from Lake Livingston Dam and the level of the lake follow us on Twitter — @LivingstonDam. We’ll let you know every time the discharge changes, and you can even set up text alerts to get up-to-the-minute notifications about what’s happening at Lake Livingston. (Hint: Click the cell phone icon beside the “Follow” button on our Twitter profile to make sure our tweets come to you instantly as text messages.)

We recommend that people follow the instructions issued by their local authorities.”

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