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Lake Conroe Open to Normal Lake Traffic

Lake Conroe water levels are slowly receding, and the lake will soon reach a point where navigational conditions will become much safer.

by SJRA staff
At noon Saturday, SJRA opened the reservoir to normal boat traffic. Boaters are still urged to use extreme caution due to floating debris and submerged objects that may not be fully visible.

During the recent rainfall event, the lake level increased to nearly 203 feet above mean sea level (msl), which is two feet over the lake’s normal pool level of 201′ msl.

The peak release from the dam was 6,500 cfs. The estimated peak inflow into the lake, during this event was nearly 30,000 cfs. This means that the operation of the dam reduced the peak flow that would otherwise have continued down the river.

We want to thank everyone for your continued patience and understanding during the recent rainfall event. We recognize that closing the lake is a tremendous inconvenience to boaters, but the public’s safety is our utmost concern.

Anyone interested in monitoring Lake Conroe levels, releases, rainfall totals, or stream flows can visit SJRA’s Contrail System.

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