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Forest Service Pausing Forest Plan Revision Process

by USFS staff

The National Forests and Grasslands in Texas (NFGT) is pausing revision of its Land and Resource Management Plan.

The document, commonly referred to as the Forest Plan, provides overall direction for the use and management of the forest and is typically revised on a 15-20 year cycle.

Over the past year, U.S. Forest Service staff have held public meetings and worked with partners to conduct an assessment of current conditions and trends. The assessment will be finalized and made available to the public and will serve as a starting point when the revision process is resumed. The NFGT will notify all publics and partners well in advance of resuming the revision process.

Forest Supervisor Eddie Taylor said he is thankful to the individuals, partners and communities who have contributed to the assessment.

“We value their input and collaboration and will continue to work with our public, stakeholders and the state on land management activities on the NFGT,” Taylor said.

For additional information, contact Robert Potts, Natural Resources and Planning Staff Officer, robertpotts@fs.fed.us

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