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Walker County Jail Booking Reports

Jail Booking Reports from the Walker County Sheriff’s Office for May 26, 2016 to June 1, 2016

Thursday 05-26-16 to Friday 05-27-16

  • Banire, Brandon Reshaud  (HPD)  Failure to Appear;  Loud Noise
  • Haynes, Chad  (SO)  Poss CS PG 1 <1G
  • Weaver, Richard Ezra  (SO)  Poss CS PG 1 >-1G<4G
  • Bell, Christopher  (SO)  Injury Child/Elderly/Disable w/Int
  • Riles, Kanard, Jawaun  (HPD)  Assault Cause Bodily Injury Family Violence;  Possession of Drug Paraphernalia/CPF
  • Fredrick, Zebulon Abjail-Noel  (HPD)  Fail to Identify Giving False/Fictitious Info
  • Hale, Brandon Cole  (SO)  Forgery Financial Instrument;  Credit Card or Debit Card Abuse Elderly
  • Easterwood, Lowell  (DPS)  Driving While Intoxicated/CPF/Harris Co
  • Bohanon, William Aaron  (HPD)  Poss CS PG 1 <1G;  Public Intoxication
  • Whitten, Brandon  (SO)  Driving While Intoxicated BAC >-0.15

Friday 05-27-16 to Saturday 05-28-17

  • Brown, Luther Earl Jr  (SO)  Aggravated Sexual Assault of Child
  • Davison, Jerilena Jayne  (SO)  Interfer w/Public Duties/FTA
  • Dennis, Timothy Jr  (SO)  Agg Robbery;  Agg Robbery
  • Couch, David Shane  (SO)  Criminal Nonsupport (FS)/Livingston KY
  • Bohanon, Stephen Loyd  (SO)  Theft;  Theft Prop >-$100<$750;  Theft Prop >=$100<$750
  • Orellana-Ortiz, Victor Manuel  (SO)  Driving While Intoxicated 3rd or More
  • Johnson, Evan Michael  (SO)  Evading Arrest Detention

Saturday 05-28-16 to Sunday 05-29-16


Sunday 05-29-16 to Monday 05-30-16

  • Jimenez, Marvin Christopher  (UPD)  Public Intoxication
  • Avery, Tony James  (HPD)  Public Intoxication
  • Hall, John  (HPD)  Man Del CS PG 1 >=1G<4G
  • Stevens, Jahmal Jeremiah  (HPD)  No Valid Driver’s License/CPF;  Speeding >=10% Posted Limit 42 MPH in a 30 MPH zone;  No Valid Driver’s License/CPF;  Failure to Appear;  No Valid Driver’s License;  Criminal Trespass/PV/MTR
  • Knudson, Heather  (HPD)  Public Intoxication
  • Miller, Robert Nolan  (HPD)  Tamper Fabricating Physical Evidence
  • Spykes, Shyan Michael  (HPD)  Fail to Display Driver’s License;  No Insurance Proof;  Unl Poss Firearm by Felon
  • Montoya, David  (HPD)  Driving While Intoxicated BAC >-0.15
  • Johnson, Robert EarlJr  (HPD)  Public Intoxication
  • Whitaker, Stevi Renee  (SO)  Man Del CS PG 1 >=1G<4G/MTR/PV/Trinity Co
  • Thomas, Sammuel Ervin  (HPD)  Driving/License Suspended/CPF;  Resist Arrest Search or Transport
  • Dale, Adrian Deshun  (HPD)  Theft
  • Cruz, Wilmar  (SO)  Abandon Endanger Child Imminent Danger;  Terroristic Threat of Family/Household;  Resist Arrest Search or Transport

Monday 05-30-16 to Tuesday 05-31-16

  • Colbert, Katrina  (HPD)  Theft Prop <$2,500 2/More Prev Conv
  • Cantu, Johnny Ray  (DPS)  Proh Weapon Knuckles;  Evading Arrest Det w/Veh
  • Jones, Scott Bernard  (SO)  Public Intoxication
  • Green, Kebriana  (HPD)  Agg Assault Date/Family/House w/Weapon
  • Jenkins, Shedrick Dwayne  (HPD)  Disorderly Conduct – Language
  • Warren, Bradford Wayne  (SO)  Assault Cause Bodily Injury Family Violence
  • Gehringer, Stephan  (UPD)  Public Intoxication
  • Laday, Jeremy Jarmon  (HPD)  Theft Prop >-$50<$500/FTA

Tuesday 05-31-16 to Wednesday 06-01-16

  • Laday, Jeremy Jarmon (HPD) Theft Prop >-$50<$500/FTA
  • Bazzell, Donald Freeman  (SO)  Poss CS PG 1 >=4G<200G/Dallas County
  • Hersha, Tracey Lee  (HPD)  Parole & Pardon Board Violation
  • Stuckey, Kirk Patrick  (SO)  No Valid Driver’s License;  Failure/Display/Financial/Resp;  Expired Annual DOT Inspection;  Failure to Appear
  • Reed, Lasheda Lashaw  (SO)  Disorderly Conduct – Language
  • Battle, Ashley Leann  (SO)  Poss Marij >2 oz <=4 oz
  • Verron, Joshua  (HPD)  Driving Under the Influence Minor
  • Brown, Charlie Jr  (SO)  Agg Sexual Assault

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