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Jail Bookings 05.02.18

Jail booking report from the Walker County Sheriff’s Office for May 2, 2018

Name Arresting Agency Charges
Goodrum, Charles Michael HPD Public Intoxication
Ransleben, Michael SO Poss CS PG 1 >=1G<4G
Leon, John Anthony Jr HPD Public Intoxication
Lee, Kendrick SO Theft Serv >=$2,500<$30K
Sanchez, Moses SO Public Intoxication
Poss C PG 4 >=200G<400G
Grigsby, Charles Edward Jr HPD Expired Registration-Warrant
Fail to Present Proof Insurance-Warrant
Failure to Appear
SO Criminal Nonsupport (FS)
Duhart, Dwayne Ricky SO Assault Causes Bodily Inj
Gesford, John Darwin SO False Drug Test Falsification Device/Res
Wachira, Mary Wanjuru HPD Fleeing Police Officer
Smith, Brittany Nicole HPD Driving While License Invalid
Failure to Maintain Financial Responsibility
Failure to Appear
McGary, Markus Olajawon HPD Public Intoxication
Leflore, Brandon Alexander HPD Interfer w/Public Duties
Criminal Trespass
Osei, Jared Andrew HPD Speeding in School Zone 41MHP in a 20 MPH Zone
No Insurance-Fail to Present Proof
Vanriper, Amber Lynn HPD Public Intoxication
Kohl, Finea Kiora HPD Failure to Appear
Expired Registration
Walker, Christopher Paul HPD Theft
Failure to Appear
Wortham, Towana Tyrone SO Assault Causes Bodily Inj
Public Intoxication
Failure to Appear
Ware, Jonathan Jacolby HPD Assault Causes Bodily Injury Family Viol
Unlawful Restraint

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