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Jail Bookings 03.05.19

Jail booking report from the Walker County Sheriff’s Office for March 5, 2015

Name Arresting Agency Charges
Morales-Badillo, Cynthia HPD Parked in Handicap Space
Thompson, Gary Tores SO Obstruct Hightway Passageway/PV/MTR
Rains, Jon Alan SO Unl Carrying Weapon/Commitment/17 Days
Shields, Cory Lee SO Theft Prop >=$100<$750/FTA
Randle, James Bernard SO Assault Fam/House Mem Impede Breath/Cir
Hold Over/Madison Co TX
Lingle, John Casey HPD Public Intoxication
Lemons, James Riley HPD Walked on Hwy with Traffic
Medina, Josue HPD Poss CS PG 2 >=4G<400G
Abcede, Victoria HPD Poss CS PG 2 >=4G<400G
Bickems, Tyler Travis HPD Driving While  License Invalid
Failure to Appear
Monjares, Paul Sr HPD Criminal Trespass

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