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Jail Booking Reports

Jail Booking Reports from the Walker County Sheriff’s Office for August 23, 2017 to August 24, 2017.

Name Arresting Agency Charges
Scott, Bobby Devon SO Obstruction or Retaliation/MTR
Asssault Misdemeanor-C
Houston, Linda HPD Cruelty to Non-Livestock Animals; Fail to
Archie, Don Dewayne HPD Criminal Trespass
Cross, Rashad Dashun HPD Public Intoxication/CPF
Miller, Robert Nolan HPD Public Intoxication
Lloyd, James Bradley DPS Driving While Intoxicated
Unauth Use of Vehicle
Floyd, Alexander James HPD Speeding>10% Posted Limit 89 MPH ina 55 MPH
Leonard, Billy Ray Jr HPD Public Intoxication
Bacon, Charles Ray Jr HPD Possession Drug Paraphernalia
No Valid Driver’s License/CPF
Failure to Appear/CPF
Public Intoxication
Failure to Appear
Buchanan, Scott Alan HPD Display Fictitious, Altered, or Obscured Lic
Expired Registration/CPF
Failure to Control Speed/CPF

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