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Jail Booking Reports

Jail Booking Reports from the Walker County Sheriff’s Office for June 16, 2016 to June 24, 2016

Thursday 06-16-16 to Friday 06-17-16

  • Johnson, Jonathan Jerell  (SO)  No Valid Driver’s License
  • Gonzales, Jonathan Ethan W  (HPD)  Walked on Hwy with Traffic – No Sidewalk
  • Richardson, Justin Tyrese  (SO)  Poss CS PG 1 >=1G<4G/PV/MTR
  • Turner, Jason Jabarea  (SO)  Theft Prop >=$50<$500
  • Carroll, Kelby Wayne  (SO)  Criminal Trespass (15 Days with 2 days credit)
  • Hudspeth, Penny Denise  (SO)  Contempt of Court Disobedience of Court
  • Ballard, Lexi Anne  (HPD)  Speeding;  Failure to Appear
  • Purvis, Broderick  (HPD)  Burglary of Habitation/Intictment;  Man Del CS PG 1 >=1G<4G/FTA
  • Borbor, Leonard Cedeno  (HPD) Poss Marij <2 oz
  • Lynch, Ralph William Jr  (SO)  Failed to Signal Lane Change;  Drove on Improved Shoulder
  • Griffin, Michael R Jr  (SO)  Poss CS PG 1 >=1G<4G
  • Williams, Morris Martell  (HPD)  Fail to Yield ROW – Stop Sign
  • Scott, Anthony Wayne Jr  (HPD)  Poss Marij <2 oz;  Unlawfully Carrying Weapon
  • Coker, Gary Bryant  (HPD)  Public Intoxication

Friday 06-17-16 to Saturday 06-18-16

  • Griffin, Michael R Jr  (SO)  Poss CS PG 1 <1G;  Expired Drivers License
  • Charles, Darius Dequan  (SO)  Theft Prop >=$100<$750
  • Phillips, Bradley Lane  (SO)  Burglary of Vehicle/Tarrant County;  Burglary of Vehicle/Tarrant County
  • Parker, Yolanda Evett (SO)  Assault Misdemeanor-C/Contact;  Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  • Keller, Bernis Howard  (SO)  Assault by Threat

Saturday 06-18-16 to Sunday 06-19-16


Sunday 06-19-16 to Monday 06-20-16

  • Thompson, Walker  (HPD)  Public Intoxication
  • Williams, Darrell McKee  (SO)  Speeding;  Failure to Appear;  Unl Poss Firearm by Felon
  • Burton, Nathan Tucker  (HPD)  Driving While Intoxicated BAC >=0.15
  • Baggett, Dyer Byrne  (HPD)  Minor in Possession Alcohol
  • Johnson, Jared Thomas  (HPD)  Minor in Possession Alcohol;  Expired Registration;  No Insurance
  • Martinez, Rodlofo Jose  (HPD)  Poss Marij <2 oz
  • Garza, Avelino J  (HPD)  Poss Marij <2 oz;  Poss CS PG 1 >=1G<4G;  Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  • Johnson, Tyrin B  (HPD)  No Insurance/Warrant of Arrest;  Failure to Appear/Warrant of Arrest
  • Martinez, Giovanni Miguel  (HPD)  Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  • Sheffield, Michael Gene  (HPD)  Possession Drug Paraphernalia
  • McGary, Charles S  (HPD)  Expired Inspection Certificate;  Driving While License Invalid
  • Disman, Jason Lee Jr  (SO)  No Insurance;  Operate Unregistered Motor Vehicle
  • Esparza, Paul Pineda  (HPD)  Public Intoxication
  • Woolley, Sarah Elizabeth  (HPD)  Public Intoxication
  • Vanriper, Amber Lynn  (SO)  Assault Causes Bodily Injury Family Violence

Monday 06-20-16 to Tuesday 06-21-16

  • Vanriper, Amber Lynn (SO) Assault Causes Bodily Injury Family Violence
  • Escobar, Ruth  (UPD)  Public Intoxication;  Criminal Mischief
  • Patel, Nishant Kamleshkumar  (DPS)  Evading Arrest Det w/Veh
  • Morris, Raymon Spencer  (SO)  Driving While Intoxicated 2nd
  • Sanders, Trace Hardin  (SO)  Poss Marij <2 oz
  • Sherman-Allen, Courtney Lashaye  (UPD)  Expired Registration;  No Insurance-Fail to Present Proof;  Failure to Appear
  • Matejka, Kameron  (HPD)  Public Intoxication
  • Shelton, Haley Rae  (HPD)  Possession Drug Paraphernalia

Tuesday 06-21-16 to Wednesday 06-22-16

  • Johnson, Aaliyah Alexandra  (HPD)  Possession of Drug Paraphernalia/CPF;  Possession of Open Container-Passenger;  Failure to Appear/CPF
  • Low, Rex Darwin  (HPD)  Parole & Pardon Board Violation
  • Russell, Christovaun Fabian  (SO)  Evading Arrest Detention
  • Udenwagu, Samson  (UPD)  Evading Arrest Detention
  • Juniel, Justin Howze  (HPD)  Assault Causes Bodily Injury Family Violence
  • Terral, Michael Anthony   (HPD)  Driving While License Invalid/CPF
  • Polan, Kallie  (HPD)  Minor in Possession Alcohol/CPF
  • Derden, Lindsey May  (HPD)  Minor in Possession of Alcohlic Beverage

Wednesday 06-22-16 to Thursday 06-23-16

  • Polan, Kallie (HPD) Minor in Possession Alcohol/CPF
  • Derden, Lindsey May (HPD) Minor in Possession of Alcohlic Beverage
  • Smith, Kevin Girrard  (HPD)  Failure to Appear/CPF
  • Simms, Thomas Michael Sr  (SO)  Criminal Nonsupport (FS)
  • Venson, Anthony  (SO)  Theft Prop >=$20<$500 by Check
  • Doyle, Kimberly Diana  (HPD)  Driving While Intoxicated BAC >=0.15
  • Steele, William Daryl  (HPD)  Ran Red Light;  Fail to Present Proof/No Insurance;  Violate Promise to Appear (Uniform Act)
  • Ward, Karyna Suzanne McCorry  (SO)  Turning Violation;  Driving While License Invalid;  Not Secured by Seatbeld – Child Age 4-14;  Violate Promise to Appear (Uniform Act)
  • Bohannon, William Aaron  (HPD)  Public Intoxication;  Abandon Endanger Child Imminent Danger;  Attempt to Commit Escape While Arrested
  • McQuown, Shawn Michael  (HPD)  Public Intoxication

Thursday 06-23-16 to Friday 06-24-16

  • Ward, Karyna Suzanne McCorry (SO) Turning Violation; Driving While License Invalid; Not Secured by Seatbeld – Child Age 4-14; Violate Promise to Appear (Uniform Act)
  • Bohannon, William Aaron (HPD) Public Intoxication; Abandon Endanger Child Imminent Danger; Attempt to Commit Escape While Arrested
  • McQuown, Shawn Michael (HPD) Public Intoxication
  • Maxwell, Kenneth Alan  (HPD)  Burglary of Vehicle;  Parole & Pardon Board Violation
  • Waun, John Henry  (SO)  Forgery Financial Instrument/FTA;  Forgery Financial Instrument;  Unauth Use of Vehicle/FAT;  Evading Arrest Detention/FTA;  Fail to Identify Giving False/Fictitious Info
  • Harrison, John Allen  (SO)  Driving While Intoxicated BAC >= 0.15
  • Frank, Brian Keith  (HPD)  Fail to Identify Giving False Fictitious Info
  • Almazon, Earl  (SO)  No Valid Driver’s License
  • Owens, D’angelo  (SO)  Harassment of Public Servant
  • Mitchell, Tyeisha Sada  (HPD)  Possession Drug Paraphernalia
  • Collier, Dimitri Trevon  (HPD)  Driving While License Invalid
  • Burke, Kip Lee  (SO)  Theft;  Failure to Appear
  • Arnold, Clayton Cole  (HPD)  Public Intoxication
  • Bassett, Taylor Andrew  (HPD)  Public Intoxication


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