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Jail Booking Reports

Jail Booking Reports from the Walker County Sheriff’s Office for May 19, 2016 to May 15, 2016

Thursday 05-19-16 to Friday 05-20-16

  • Alexander, Robert Lee  (HPD)  Driving While Intoxicated BAC>-0.15
  • Combs, Viola Lynn  (SO)  Hold Over;  Theft Prop >=$500<$1,500/Bench Warrant
  • Carroll, Joseph Allen  (HPD)  Speeding >10% Posted Limit 60 MPH in a 45 MPH Zone
  • Davis, Jeffrey Ray  (SO)  Escape While Arrested/Confined Felony
  • Hoskin, Dexter Leo  (SO)  Driving While Intoxicated 2nd/Commitment
  • Walker, Elizabeth anielle  (HPD)  Public Intoxication
  • Miller, Robert Nolan  (HPD)  Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  • Plattenburg, Keithrick Reyna  (SO)  Expired Registration;  Expired or No License Plate (Trailer)
  • Gutierrez, Rene Jr  (HPD)  Poss CS PG1 <1G
  • Mitchell, Confun Deshawn  (HPD)  Poss CS Pg 1 <1G
  • Myers, Andrew Jonathan  (SO)  Criminal Trespass;  Theft Prop >=$50<$500
  • Moore, James Nathan  (HPD)  Failure to Appear;  Possession of Open Container-Driver
  • Houston, Mason  (HPD)  Driving While Intoxicated

Friday 05-20-16 to Saturday 05-21-16

  • Myers, Andrew Jonathan  (SO)  Criminal Trespass;  Theft Prop >=$50<$500
  • Wilkinson, Michael Delmus  (SO)  Poss Controlled Substance/Probation Violation/MTA
  • Upson, Eunice Leon  (SO)  Criminal Trespass
  • Lewis, James Curtis Sr  (SO)  Motion to Revoke Probation
  • Smith, David John  (SO)  Driving While Intoxicated 3rd or More
  • Ross, Derrick Ceasar  (SO)  Hold Over;  Poss Marij >5 lbs<=50 lbs/FTA
  • Reyes, Jacob Riley  (SO)  Poss Marij <2 oz/Weekender
  • Lugo, Jaime Joaquin  (SO)  Driving While Intoxicated/Weekender
  • Early, Jody Sue  (SO)  Theft Prop >=$50<$500/Weekender

Saturday 05-21-16 to Sunday 05-22-16


Sunday 05-22-16 to Monday 05-23-16

  • Belmontes, Marcos Antonio  (SO)  Criminal Nonsupport(FS)/Tarrant Co
  • Phllips, Laramie Gabriel  (UPD)  Disregard Stop Sign
  • Johnson, Bryce Christopher  (HPD)  Public Intoxication
  • Partin, Alison Kay  (HPD)  Ran/Failureot Come to Complete Stop;  Failure to Appear
  • Patrick, Victor Jr  (HPD)  Theft Prop >=$100<$700
  • Rice, Brandon Michael  (SO) Theft Prop >=$1,500<$20K/PV/MTA
  • Craft, Joshua Lee  (HPD) Public Intoxication
  • Utley, Markus Lee  (HPD)  Public Intoxication
  • Whitting, Corey Rodee  (HPD)  Public Intoxication;  Obstruction or Retaliation;  Possession Marijuana <2 oz
  • Preston, Jon Michael  (HPD)  Expired Registration (12/14);  No Proof of Insurance;  Driving While License Invalid
  • Koumado, Kodjogan  (HPD)  Loud Noise

Monday 05-23-16 to Tuesday 05-24-16

  • Whitting, Corey Rodee (HPD) Public Intoxication; Obstruction or Retaliation; Possession Marijuana <2 oz
  • Preston, Jon Michael (HPD) Expired Registration (12/14); No Proof of Insurance; Driving While License Invalid
  • Koumado, Kodjogan (HPD) Loud Noise
  • Williams, Thomas Lee  (HPD)  Driving While License Invalid;  No Insurance;  Speeding >-10% Posted Limit 95 MPH in a 60 MPH Zone;  Driving While License Invalid/CPF;  No Insurance/CPF
  • Ortega, Rodolfo  (SO)  Assault Cause Bodily Injury Family Violence
  • Flagg, Lance Cordell  (HPD)  Fail to Present Proof Insurance/CPF;  Fail to Present Proof Insurance/CPF;  Fail to Present Proof Insurance/CPF;  Expired Inspection More than 60 Days/CPF;  Expired Inspection More than 60 Days/CPF;  Expired Registration/CPF;  No License Plate/CPF
  • Brisco, Steven Paul  (HPD)  Interfer w/Public Duties;  Public Intoxication
  • Sandoval, Andy Julian  (SO) Agg Assault Cause Serious Bodily Inj
  • Cepeda, Noe  (HPD)  No Insurance;  No Valid Driver’s License
  • Diaz-Gonzales, Jorge  (HPD)  Theft Prop >=$2,500<$20K
  • Gonzalez, Delgado, Jorge Luis  (HPD)  Theft Prop >=$2,500<$20K

Tuesday 05-24-16  to Wednesday  05-25-16

  • Diaz-Gonzales, Jorge (HPD) Theft Prop >=$2,500<$20K
  • Gonzalez, Delgado, Jorge Luis (HPD) Theft Prop >=$2,500<$20K
  • Davidson, Annette Marie  (HPD)  No Insurance;  Failure to Appear;  Forgery Financial Instrument/Bond Surrend;  Forgery Financial Instrument/PV/MTA;  Theft Prop >=$500<$1,500/FTA
  • Casarez, Francisco Jr  (DPS)  Assault Family/Household Member;  Agg Assault w/Deadly Weapon/Ellis Co
  • Lewis, Davondrick Dwayne  (HPD)  Possession of Drug Paraphernalia/CPF
  • Johnson, Jammale Dmitir  (SO)  Criminal Nonsupport(FS)
  • Miclescu, GAbriela  (HPD)  Soliciting Without a Permit
  • Caffee, Kaleb Eugene  (SO)  Poss Marij <2 oz/FTA
  • Ross, Rickkeisa Chardae  (HPD)  Resist Arrest Search or Transport;  Criminal Mischief >=$2500<$20K;  Expired Registration;  Driving While License Invalid;  No License Plate;  No Insurance
  • Haneline, James  (HPD)  Driving While License Invalid
  • Jenkins, Shedrick Dwayne  (HPD)  Public Intoxication
  • Lydick, Nick Osborn  (UPD)  Driving Under the Influence;  Minor in Possession Alcohol

Wednesday 05-25-16 to 05-26-16

  • Jenkins, Shedrick Dwayne (HPD) Public Intoxication
  • Lydick, Nick Osborn (UPD) Driving Under the Influence; Minor in Possession Alcohol
  • Johnson, Vincent Edward  (SO)  Theft Prop >=$50<$500/MTR
  • Jones, Christopher James  (HPD)  Parole & Pardon Board Violation
  • Holmes, Michael Glen  (HPD)  Parole & Pardon Board Violation
  • Cook, radley Derrin  (HPD)  Theft;  Failure to Appear
  • Jordan, Mark Allen  (SO)  Driving While Intoxication 3rd or More;  Driving While Intoxicated 3rd or More
  • Troud, Max Leon Jr  (SO)  Parole & Pardon Board Violation
  • Robinson, Jaleen Jamal  (SO)  Sexual Assault Child
  • Yancey, Mary Ann  (HPD)  Theft
  • Banire, Barndon Reshaud  (HPD)  Failure to Appear;  Loud Noise
  • Haynes, Chad Howard  (SO)  Poss CS PG 1 <1G
  • Weaver, Richard Ezra  (SO)  Poss CS PG 1 >=1G<4G
  • Bell, Christopher  (SO)  Injury Child/Elderly/Disable w/Int

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