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Jail Bookings 04.12.18

Jail booking report from the Walker County Sheriff’s Office for April 12, 2018

Name Arresting Agency Charges
Caffee, Kaleb Eugene SO Poss CS PG 1 >=1G<4G/PV
Carrasco, Miranda Marie HPD Driving While Intoxicated
Frusha, Lindsey SO Driving While Intoxicated/PV/MTR
Griffin, Paul Donald Jr SO Driving While Intoxiated 3rd or More/PV
Driving While Intoxiated 3rd or More/PV
Singleton, Robert Wesley IV HPD Indecency w/Child Sexual Contact
Reece, Brandon Deon HPD Agg Assault w/Deadly Weapon
Williams, James Bonard DPS Poss Marij <2 oz
Hastings, Christopher Shane SO Criminal Nonsupport (FS)
Poindexter, Desmond Derell HPD Disorderly Conduct-Fighting
Johnson, Glenda Danielle HPD Ran Stop Sign
Failure to Appear
Quinones, Joel Anthony HPD Disorderly Conduct-Fighting
Perra, Herman HPD Public Intoxication
Mitchell, Confun Dashon HPD Public Intoxication
Utley, Markas Lee HPD Public Intoxication
Leflore, Brandon Alexander HPD Public Intoxication
Hilderth, Derrius Jajuan HPD Fail to Stop Designated Point-Stop Sign
Fail to Present Valid Proof of Insurance
Ponter, Lisa DPS Driving While Intoxicated
Burk, Bob Christian HPD Public Intoxication
Pope, Paul Christopher HPD Public Intoxication
Culler, Briana Kathleen HPD Public Intoxication
Avila, Humberto HPD Driving While License Invalid
Gallardo, Summer HPD Driving While Intoxicated
Cyr, Ostin Theodore SO Assault Causes Bodily Inj

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