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Grand Jury Results 03.30.17

True bill results of the March 30, 2017 Walker County Grand Jury

Defendant Offense Off.  Date
Beauchamp, Nathaniel Credit/Debit Card Abuse 10/15/2016
Blanks, Joshua Theft from Person 10/20/2016
Callaway, Michael Credit/Debit Card Abuse 9/30/2016
Carter, Earnest Poss. Cont. Subs. PG 1 1-4 grams 3/25/2016
Coey, Mitchell Theft of Property >=$2500<$30K 7/24/2016
Cox, Tamara Poss. of Controlled Sub. PG1 <1G 6/8/2016
Cummings, Stephan Poss. Cont. Subs. PG1 4-200 grams 8/3/2016
Dennis, Timothy Aggravated Sexual Assault 2/9/2012
Dewitte, Chase Theft of Property >=$2500<$30K 9/30/2016
Dodson, Antione Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle 2/26/2017
Dodson, Antione Evading Arrest w/Vehicle 2/26/2017
Gillespie, Sherman Sexual Assault of Child 1/31/2016
Glover, Bennie POCS PG 1 less 1 gram 3/29/2016
Goodman, Kasondra Burglary of a Building 2/15/2017
Guevara, Michael Theft of Property >=$2500<$30K 8/30/2016
Hall, Deon Tre Tampering w/Gov’t Record 2/3/2016
Harrell, Travis UCW by a Felon 8/11/2016
Hogge, Dale Robbery 1/12/2017
Hogge, Dale Evading Arrest w/Vehicle 1/12/2017
Hope, Jeremy Man/Del of Controlled Sub. PG1-A 2/24/2016
Irvin, Steven Burglary of a Building 2/15/2017
James, Rodney Man/Del. Cont. Sub. PG 1 4-200G 8/11/2016
James, Rodney Man/Del. Cont. Subs. PG 1>=4G<200G 8/11/2016
James, Rodney Tampering w/Evidence 8/11/2016
Jefferson, Rolandra Theft $1500 or more w/Prev. Conv. 9/26/2014
Johnson, Jeff III Poss. Cont. Subst. PG 1 1-4 grams 9/19/2016
Kelley, Elvis Assault FV with Previous Conviction 2/28/2017
McGowan, Tabrazia Deadly Conduct Discharge Firearm 9/9/2016
Mills, Lorenza Tampering with Evidence 9/24/2016
Mitchell, Kyonee Credit/Debit Card Abuse Elderly 1/9/2016
Mitchell, Michelle Credit/Debit Card Abuse 6/14/2016
Morris, Elizabeth Man/Del. Cont. Subs. PG 4-200 grams 2/24/2016
Riles, Kanard Poss. Cont. Sub. PG 1 1-4 grams 1/26/2016
Rodgers, Bridgette Possession of Controlled Sub. PG1 >=4G<200G 8/11/2016
Smith, Kendal Theft of Property >=$2500<$30K 9/30/2016
Taylor, Nicholas Theft of Property >=$2500<$30K 8/30/2016
Thomas, Eddie Man/Del. Cont. Subs. PG 1-4 grams 7/12/2016
Thompson, Shayne Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle 11/19/2016
Thornabar, Phylicia Credit/Debit Card Abuse 7/19/2016
Tilley, Shanequa Evading Arrest w/Vehicle 2/1/2017
Tilley, Shanequa Abandon/Endanger Child 2/1/2017
Tilley, Shanequa Abandon/Endanger Child 2/1/2017
Vega-Rodriguez, Oscar Credit/Debit Card Abuse Elderly 1/9/2016
West, Todd Theft of Property >=$2500<$30K 9/12/2016
White, Jay Phillip Poss. of Controlled Sub. PG1 >=1G<4G 2/12/2016
Yost, Joshua Theft of Property >=$2500<$30K 4/5/2016

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