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December 2016 Grand Jury Results

Walker County Grand Jury Results for December 2016.

Defendant Offense Off.  Date
Baker, Larry Deshaun Poss. of Controlled Sub. PG1 <1G 5/5/2016
Cassell, Adam Kristopher Poss. of Controlled Sub. PG1 <1G 3/18/2016
Daehler, Robert Unauth. Use Motor Vehicle-Ct. 1; Poss. of Control. Sub. PG1 <1G-Ct. 2 11/14/2015
Dosia, Quinton D. Burglary of Bldg. 8/16/2013
Garcia, Jovan Poss. of Controlled Sub. PG1 <1G 3/30/2016
Garcia, Rachel Agg. Assault on Public Servant-Ct. 1; Evading Arrest Det w/ Veh.-Ct. 2 10/18/2016
Jenkins, Byron Poss. of Controlled Sub. PG1 <1G 4/25/2016
Jones, James Poss. of Controlled Sub. PG1 =>1G<4G 2/24/2016
Lewis, Kristie Injury to a Child 10/24/2015
Martinez, Gonzalo Driving While Intoxicated 3rd or More 2/27/2016
Martinez, Jalmer Poss. of Controlled Sub. PG1 <1G 5/21/2016
Meadors, Joseph Terroristic Threat Impair Publi/Gov’t Serv. 9/12/2016
Merchant, Glen Agg. Assault w/Deadly Weapon 7/1/2016
Munden, Jarrod DWI w/Child Under 15 YOA 3/15/2015
Nickens, Tamara Wortham Tampering/Fabricating Physical Evidence 10/13/2016
Pegoda, Christina M. Aggravated Perjury 3/9/2016
Powell, John Sexual Assault 8/29/2014
Robinson, Alesha Fraud. Poss. Control. Sub./Prescription 8/2/2016
Rodriguez, Eric Jr. Harassment of Public Servant 11/4/2016
Segeada, Robert Intoxication Manslaughter 6/09/2016
Spykes, Shyan Unlawful Poss. of Firearm by Felon 5/29/2016
Stevenson, Joseph III Poss. of Controlled Sub. PG1 <1G 5/10/2016
Stubblefield, Ronnie Theft of Prop. <$2,500 2/More Prev. Conv. 8/17/2016
Tarver, Jordan Assault on Public Servant 9/21/2016
Tolbert, Shannon Sexual Assault 3/25/2016
Trinka, Gabriel Cain Agg. Assault w/Deadly Weapon 10/03/2016
Whitting, Corey Obstruction or Retaliation 5/23/2016
Wise, Jason Agg. Assault w/Deadly Weapon 3/21/2016

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