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Who Says You Can’t Fight City Hall?

Overflow crowd at Tuesday’s Huntsville City Council meeting regarding proposed changes to Development Code prohibiting mobile homes


The old adage about not being able to fight City Hall didn’t hold true at Tuesday night’s Huntsville City Council meeting.  The standing-room-only crowd was there to give public comment on a proposed change to the City’s Development Code that would have prohibited any new mobile homes anywhere inside the city limits except for in mobile home parks.

A cross-ssection of the commumity took turns at the microphone expressing their opposition to the proposed change.  More than a dozen property owners, business owners, home owners, and property-rights advocates from across the Huntsville area spoke out against the proposal.  There were no public comments given in support of the measure.

A number of those speaking said that they were surprised that they had not heard more about the proposed changes until very recently.  Most said that they had hever heard of a survey that had been conducted addressing this issue.  Councilman Keith Olsen told the crowd that the survey had been sent out by the City to everyone with their water bills.  A search of the City’s archived records shows that there was an article about the survey in the November 2014 issue of City Connection; however, there was no actual survey included.

Council voted unanimously against the measure.

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