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Secret Chamber of Commerce Meetings Turn Political

Chamber President Refuses to Release Names of Committee Members

The Huntsville-Walker County Chamber of Commerce has recently announced on their Facebook page that the Chamber is officially supporting all three of the bond propositions in the upcoming November 8 election.

At least two members of the chamber report that chamber staff are saying that there was a committee vote taken to support the measures.

Carol Smith, chamber president, returned a call to one member this afternoon and confirmed that a small committee had taken a vote that put the support of the chamber behind the highly controversial ballot measures.  When asked for the names of the committee members, Smith told the caller that she would not release the names.  Smith asserted that the names of the committee members is not a secret, but that she is not releasing the names even to chamber members.

We reached out to chamber members listed on the organization’s online directory to ask whether these members knew that the chamber was involved in this issue and whether they, as members, had an opportunity to voice their support or opposition.  Members we spoke the all report that they knew nothing about the chamber’s involvement in this issue and did not remember being given the opportunity to vote or to express an opinion before the chamber went public with the secret committee’s decision.

Perhaps it is no surprise that an organization that pays $0 in property taxes is supporting a measure that puts the taxpaying public at risk for future tax increases.


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  1. George H. Russell

    The Chamber of Carpetbaggers needs to be disbanded. The dues are used mostly for partying and promoting multi-national corporations that come to Huntsville, oftentimes with “tax holidays” and run hometown businesses into bankruptcy.

    I am ashamed of the pitiful fools that pay dues to an organization that does absolutely nothing for them.

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