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Public Hearing Scheduled for Wednesday, June 10th

The Walker County Commissioners’ Court will hold a Special Session on June 10th in order to hold a Public Hearing regarding the Texas Department of Agriculture’s Community Development Block Grant Program.

According to the TDA’s website, the following is the purpose of these block grants:  The primary objective of the Community Development Block Grant program is to develop viable communities by providing decent housing and suitable living environments, and expanding economic opportunities principally for persons of low- to moderate-income.

Public notice was posted on the Walker County website several months ago advising the public of a Public Hearing on this issue earlier this year; however, that hearing was slated to be held at the Walker County S.U.D. office rather than in Commissioners’ Court.

The meeting and hearing are open to the public.

More information on Community Development Block Grants is available from the Texas Dept of Agriculture.

Click HERE for Agenda

Click HERE for previous public hearing notice.


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