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New Property Tax District Proposed in Walker County

Third attempt underway to create additional property tax.


Buried deep within Monday’s lengthy agenda for Commissioner’s Court is item #31 which calls for the Court to “Discuss and/or approve setting a date, time, and place for a hearing to consider the petition to create Emergency Services District #3.”

If created, the new Emergemcy Services District (ESD) would add an additional property tax within the proposed area of the County.  Texas law currently caps the amount of property tax that an ESD can levy at $0.10 per $100 of valuation.

The current proposal is the third such attempt in recent history to create an ESD in part of Walker County; the two previous attemps were soundly rejected by voters.  A map of the proposed area of was not included with the Meeting Notice and Agenda sent out late Thursday by the Court; however, it is likely to include most of the the northwestern part of Walker County.

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