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Meet the Candidates: Office of Precinct 3 Commissioner

Candidates for the Office of Walker County Precinct 3 Commissioner for the March 2016 Primary Election.  Candidates are listed in ballot order.


Glen Ray Reeder

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Mr. Reeder did not respond to our request for information.

Bill Tutor

Bill Tutor

Relevant experience:  

  • Elected to Riverside Water Supply Corp Board of Directors in 2012 (now changed to Riverside Special Utility District).  Currently serve as Board President (volunteer/unpaid position).
  • Currently serving on Riverside City Council (volunteer/unpaid position).
  • Currently working as a REALTOR®  with White Ivy Real Estate in Huntsville specializing in property management and Farm & Ranch properties.
  • Small business owner for many years.
  • Rancher
  • Owned and maintained heavy equipment for years.
  • Overseeing budget and operations of governmental, quasi-governmental, and non-profit organizations

Relevant Education/Training:  I attended Alvin High School and Sam Houston State University.

In my service on both the water board and on Riverside City Council I received a valuable “hands-on” education in the budget process, operations, Texas Open Meetings Act issues, and the overall process of running these types of  organizations.

My current licensing and education in real estate has expanded my knowledge of budgeting, planning, and fiduciary requirements.  Many of those same principles apply to elected office:  being entrusted to manage assets and money that belong to others is a responsibility that should not be undertaken lightly.

Previous political involvement or activities:   During my tenure on the water board we have worked very hard to make sure that we were providing the highest quality service at the best possible price while still planning for future growth.  We reduced tap fees by 50%, reduced water rates, increased transparency, improved customer service, reduced debt, and secured 2 additional sources of water for our customers.  

I also currently serve on Riverside  City Council where we maintain zero debt and run a very lean budget.  Careful planning and budgeting has allowed the City of Riverside to function well without taking on unnecessary debt.

If elected, what do you hope to accomplish in the next 4 years as Precinct 3 Commissioner?  I hope to bring the same principled approach to the Commissioners’ Court that I have used before:  careful planning, highest and best use of taxpayer assets, transparency, and accountability.  Precinct 3 faces some challenges that are unique to our precinct.  As someone that has volunteered countless hours in our precinct serving on both the water board and on council, I know the issues in our precinct and I know many of the residents here.  

The citizens of Precinct 3 need a full-time Commissioner that will work to plan for the growth and expansion that is occurring in Walker County.  I can do the job better by using a hands-on approach in the day-to-day operations and by improving communications with the citizens. We need someone in this position who will give their whole-hearted effort and time serving the residents of Walker County on a full-time basis.

What would you like for voters to know about you and/or your campaign?  I am a taxpayer just like you are – if taxes increase, they affect me, too. My home is not exempt from property tax increases.    

Anyone that has any questions about me or my campaign is welcome to contact me. I welcome the opportunity to answer any questions about my work experience, my experience in elected office, or my plan for how to better serve the residents of Precinct 3.
How can voters reach you if they have additional questions?

  • Facebook page
  • Cell:  936-662-3311
  • Email:  tutorwilliam@yahoo.com


Paul Webb

Paul Webb


Relevant experience:  I graduated from Barbers Hill high school in 1980. I attended Lee College and SHSU. I later graduated from Northwestern University’s School of Police Staff and Command.

Relevant Education/Training:  I worked for TDC for five years at the Walls unit. I then went to work for the Texas Department of Public Safety. I spent most of the next 25 years serving Walker County as a Trooper, Sergeant and Lieutenant. I retired from the State of Texas in 2011. Since that time I have worked as a safety executive for oilfield service companies and Chief Deputy in San Jacinto County. I am currently self employed as a safety consultant for the transportation industry.

I have experience in heavy equipment and road building. I began operating heavy equipment at an early age and have continued to do so while being full time employed with the State of Texas.

Previous political involvement or activities:  I have had the opportunity to be involved with commissioner’s court in Walker County as well as numerous other counties and municipalities in Texas. I participated in and supervised operations which brought Walker county great amounts of revenue over the past 25 years. By working with commissioner’s court, we were able to replace most county bridges in Walker county at no cost to the tax payers.

If elected, what do you hope to accomplish in the next 4 years as Precinct 3 Commissioner?  I view the role of commissioner as a leadership position. I believe we need strong leaders in this county to make improvements to county services without raising taxes 

What would you like for voters to know about you and/or your campaign?   I have been married to my wife, Linda for 33 years and have lived in Walker County about that same number of years. Linda has been a long time teacher at Stewart elementary in Huntsville. We have two daughters, Candice and Brenna. Both graduated from HISD and completed college degrees. Candice is a teacher in HISD and Brenna is a registered nurse working in Huntsville. We are long time members of First United Methodists Church in Huntsville. My brother, Clay Webb was a principal at HISD and later the Superintendent of Schools in New Waverly. 
How can voters reach you if they have additional questions?


Bill Daugette

Bill Daugette

Relevant experience:  

I have over 35 years of managing public works projects and budgets starting with the City of Huntsville and most recently with the City of Conroe in Montgomery County, one of the fastest growing counties in the country. I am also a utility consultant and small business owner here in Walker County. I have worked with new businesses and industries, to plan and expand responsible economic growth, designed and installed utility services, drainage projects, street projects, obtained easements, built capital improvement programs, tackled tough environmental issues, managed incident command and clean-up projects following natural disasters and managed budgets in excess of 20 million dollars. I feel community involvement is imperative to this position. I am a long-term supporter of the COME Center, Rita B Huff Humane Society, Walker County Senior Center, SAAFE House and the Boys & Girls Club. I am also a Life Member of the Walker County Fair Association, a member of the Sam Houston Alumni Association and the Huntsville-Walker County Chamber of Commerce.

Relevant Education/Training:  

  •  2011 Sam Houston State University, B.S. Political Science, Finance
  • 2004 Huntsville Leadership Institute Graduate
  • 2004 State of Texas Certified Public Manager, William P. Hobby Center for Public Service of Texas State University
  • Federal Certification in National Incident Management and Command Operations Levels 100,200,700,800
  • Level “A” Texas Commission on Environmental Quality License in Water, Wastewater and Solid Waste Utility Operations

Previous political involvement or activities:

I became a registered voter in Texas March 27, 1981 at 21 years of age. Based on my dedicated voting history I am calculated as a “Hard Republican” in the Texas GOP Data Center. In 2007 I had the honor of serving as a Member of the Texas One Call Board as appointed by former Republican Governor Rick Perry. In 2012 I was asked to run for public office. I lost the race but won in experience as a candidate and new friendships with local members of this community.

If elected, what do you hope to accomplish in the next 4 years as Precinct 3 Commissioner?

If elected I will immediately inventory and assess roads in Precinct 3. The results will be used to develop a maintenance and paving plan, a first for Precinct 3.
Second, the Central Texas Corridor, Interstate 14 a.k.a. “Forts to Ports” project will bring more trucks, freight, military deployments and hurricane evacuations right through Walker County via Hwy 190, the east border of Precinct 3. The impact on our citizens living or owning property along the proposed route will be enormous. As the final design progresses I will be working with citizens to protect their rights and ensure they are informed of the details of the project. Walker County will be respected, treated fairly and our voices will be heard.
Third, Walker County was caught “flat footed” by the recent oil and gas boom. Our roads took a severe beating and the oil and gas companies made a lot of money doing it. Walker County sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to Austin in the form of excise taxes, and received no special reimbursement funding, leaving us to repair our own roads with local dollars. The boom has faded, but we all know it will come again. By 2020 I will have worked with other oil producing counties in Texas, forming a team that can deal with those who are willing to take our resources, but slow to clean up the mess they leave behind.
Fourth, I will work through the budget line by line with the other Commissioners to improve services, eliminate inefficiencies, open communication, and reduce the burden on our citizens.
And finally, I will have had the satisfaction of knowing that I will have done exactly what the voters elected me to do. Make Precinct 3 a better place to live than it was in 2016.

What would you like for voters to know about you and/or your campaign?

I want to be County Commissioner because Precinct 3 needs a new vision. We need a Commissioner that understands the needs of our area, has the experience necessary to provide solutions, and the leadership skills needed to implement those solutions. I am that person, and I am excited about being able to offer my experience and services to my friends and neighbors in Precinct 3.

I want to be County Commissioner because I am concerned more of my tax dollars are being spent on adding employees than on improving our roads. I am concerned that the 2014 GOP Texas State Party Platform position of “we decry the appointment of unelected bureaucrats” is not respected in Walker County. And, finally I am concerned about the impact the growth from the south will have on our home. I have seen it and worked with it first-hand. It can be responsibly managed if the right officials are elected and supported. I am that candidate.

I will bring to the office of Commissioner something that has been missing for some time – energy and a commitment to excellence. I understand that public service isn’t a 9 to 5 job. There are meetings and emergencies around the clock were lessons are learned and new ideas for improvement are born.

I am a man of few promises but this is one I can make without hesitation. If elected I will immediately retire from the City of Conroe and fulfill the roll and obligation to my constituents as a full time working Commissioner of Walker County Precinct 3.

How can voters reach you if they have additional questions?

G. A. Creagor

No Image Available

Mr Creagor did not respond to our request for information.


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