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Kulhavy Named Huntsville City Manager

by City of Huntsville staff

The City of Huntsville is pleased to announce that Aron Kulhavy, AICP, has been selected to serve as the City’s next City Manager. The Huntsville City Council made the selection official at their June 5 meeting. In support, all nine members seconded the motion to approve a contract for his appointment.

“This City Council has full confidence in your ability to lead this city and the city employees in the future, and we’re tickled to death that we have somebody already within our ranks that can take over with the kind of experience you’ve got,” Mayor Andy Brauninger said following the unanimous vote of approval for Kulhavy. “We look forward to working with you, Aron. We’ve got so many great things happening in this city [that you’ve been a part of]… We can’t say enough about what we think the future holds and it’s going to be really great watching this city.”

Kulhavy has served as the Interim City Manager for the City of Huntsville since Matt Benoit’s move to the City of Jupiter, Florida, in February, and has been with the City overall for almost ten years. He previously held positions as the Director of Community and Economic Development with responsibilities including oversight of the Inspections, Planning, Main Street, and Support Services Divisions, and, when joining the City in 2008, as the City Planner. He spoke this spring about his hopes for the City while then serving as Interim.

“I want to carry out projects that we have started—see those projects come to fruition. I want to continue to grow and get better in Huntsville,” said Kulhavy. “We are getting ready to go out for bids on the water and sewer projects. Each component is essential to ensuring the quality and capacity the City has for water and sewer needs are met now and in the future.”

Kulhavy holds a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Science and a Masters in Public Administration, both from Stephen F. Austin University. He hails from Nacogdoches, where he began his career in municipal government at the City of Nacogdoches. His first position there was as a seasonal laborer in the Parks Department, Kulhavy was later appointed as its City Planner in 1999. He is married to Rachel and they have two sons, Devin and Dylan. They also have two grandchildren.

“I am completely humbled by the Council’s decision and grateful I get the opportunity to continue to serve our residents in this new capacity,” said Kulhavy on his permanent appointment. “I am thankful for all of the dedicated employees of the City, without their support and commitment it would not be possible to get this job done well. The key to my success is the good people who work as hard as they do to serve the citizens of Huntsville.”

For more information, contact the office of the City Manager at 936-291-5411.


  1. Kulhavy is a class act and a great person to lead the City of Huntsville! Thankfully, he is honest, has integrity, and is a SFA alum! (Please do not blame Kulhavy when our property taxes skyrocket to pay for the bonds… his predecessor did the damage then walked away before the project even started!) Axe ‘Em!

  2. Great choice. Best of luck, Aron.

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