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Huntsville City Council At A Glance

Results of the January 20, 2015 meeting of the Huntsville City Council


  • Tanaska Water Contract – Council held an Executive Session to consider changes to the Contract. No details were provided at the public session.
  • Hazardous Household Waste Collection Event – The City will hold its first such event the second Saturday in April. Bring old cans of paint, sprays, etc.
  • Purchase of Vacuum Hydro-Evacuator for Water and Wastewater Division – This is a machine that uses high pressure water to break up soil around buried water and sewer lines. Then a vacuum evacuates the debris. This exposes the underground lines for repair, taps and properly locating other utilities. Council approved at a cost of $58, 864.
  • 2015 Strategic Plan – This is a non-legally binding plan that provides the City Council’s top level sense of direction for the current fiscal year. Ward 3 Councilmember Ronnie Allen proposed to amend the Plan to require that any decision to spend $500,000 to create a new Economic Development Division on the City Staff be put to the voters for approval in a May election. That motion was defeated by a vote of 6-3 with Councilmembers Allen, Brauninger and Rodriquez voting to hold the election and Mayor Woodward and Councilmembers Emmett, Johnson, Humphrey, Montgomery and Olson voting to not make that decision at this time. The Strategic Plan was then approved as written by a vote of 8-1 with Councilmember Allen voting No.
  • Montgomery Park – This is a small City Park at the corner of Montgomery Road and South Sam Houston Avenue on an entrance street into SHSU. Council was asked to consider other possible uses for the Park and a formal bid process was conducted to see what the possible uses might be. After much discussion Council chose to take no action at this time.
  • Rezoning of a Residential Property on Hwy 75 North – This was a proposal to change the zoning classification of the single property just north of Keller-Williams Realty on the west side of Hwy 75 North from “Residential” to “Management.” In a “Management” zone both residences and commercial entities are allowed. H3 Auto Group has indicated an interest in buying this property and relocating their business there. H3 Auto is currently located at the corner of 11th St. and Hwy 75 North. They are being displaced by the HEB acquisition of their current location. The motion passed by a vote of 7 – 2.
  • Yard Waste Collection Containers – The regular garbage bags most people use for this every other Wednesday collection of yard waste will no longer be acceptable after April 3. Compostable containers or personal containers not provided by the City will instead have to be used. More instructions from the City will be forthcoming.
  • New Solid Waste Collection Fees – The Council approved the following new or increased fees for solid waste collection:
    • New $25 trip charge for residential heavy trash pickup. Cost previously covered by other fees.
    • Increase of $1 per month for regular solid waste pickup, a 5% increase.
    • 3% increase on commercial service.
    • 25% increase on TDCJ and SHSU tonnage
    • 25% increase on out-of-city solid waste.
    • The $25 heavy trash pickup charge will take effect on April 3. The other fees will take effect immediately.he motion to increase these fees was approved 8-1 with Councilmember Allen voting No.
  • Crosswalk on Bobby K. Marks Drive – Council authorized the City Manager to enter into an Interlocal Agreement with SHSU to provide a crosswalk on Bobby K. Marks Drive on the SHSU Campus. This joint project is estimated to cost $120,000 with each entity providing roughly half of the funding.
  • BOT-TDCJ Sewer Extension Project – First Reading on a proposal to award the Construction Contract for a new 1.45 mile sewer line from the old Brown Oil Tool, now TDCJ, complex on I-45 North to the McGary Creek Lift Station located next to the Brookview subdivision. No action taken because two readings are required.
  • Solid Waste Transfer Station Contracts – Council authorized the City Manager to sign the initial contracts to get the new Solid Waste Transfer Station design, permitting and construction planning underway.
  • Wounded Warrior Banquet – Councilmember Brauninger advised the Council that the City of Huntsville turned out 1200 people for the Wounded Warrior Banquet and raised over $200,000 for the Wounded Warrior Home in San Antonio.

The next regular Council Meeting is scheduled for February 3, 2015.

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