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Huntsville Charter Review Committee Holds Initial Meeting

by Walker County News Today staff

The newly appointed Huntsville Charter Review Committee met for their first meeting late Wednesday afternoon.   Members of the committee, selected by Mayor Andy Brauninger and approved by Council, include:

  • Keith Olson, current Mayor Pro Tem
  • Clyde Loll, current councilmember
  • Tyler McCaffety, current councilmember
  • Jane Monday, former mayor
  • Dalene Zender, former councilmember

The City’s of Huntsville Charter is the document that governs all of the city’s activities, except for that specifically called out in state law.  A Charter Review Committee must be formed at least once every five years to review the charter.  The committee submits their recommendations, if any, to Council.  If approved by Council, the matter is put before the voters in either a regularly scheduled election or during a special election.

In the committee’s first order of business Olson was elected to serve as chair of the committee.

Several members expressed interest in hearing from the city manager, city attorney, mayor, city staff, and current council members to receive their input and recommendations prior to reviewing the Charter document.  The committee agreed to hear input from the list above prior to their line-item review.  No mention was made when or if any input and recommendations will be solicited from citizens or business owners in the city.

The committee is scheduled to meet bi-weekly on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 4:00PM at City Hall.

One comment

  1. George H. Russell

    The “At Large” council members should be changed to, 2 Ward council members per ward.
    Unless this change is made we should ask the Federal Government to sue the City of Huntsville due to the total unfairness of only one elite neighborhood or rich White people being able to totally control the City of Huntsville in their favor at the expense of poor White, Black and Latino citizens.

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