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Majestic Pines RV Park in Willis, owned by developer proposing RV park in Huntsville.

A High-End RV Park for Huntsville?

City Council considers allowing RV park catering to “snow bird” residents

by Walker County News Today staff


At Tuesday’s meeting of the Huntsville City Council the question of the City allowing a Houston-area developer of high-end RV Parks catering to “Snow-birds” was on the agenda for the first time. The proposed site for the park is a 66- acre tract owned by the developer near the intersection of Highways 19 and 30 on the City’s Northeast side.

The proposed park would be a gated RV Resort Community with typical resort amenities. There would also be entertainment and food areas open to the public.

The developer would own and operate the park, leasing spaces on a monthly basis for a 12-month period. The expectation is that many renters will rent spaces year around even though they may not be there at various times during the year.

The development would also feature a selection of “tiny homes” which would also be RV’s in this case. These may be built and leased by the developer or brought in by owners. This feature would cater to more permanent types of residents such as retirees, students and professors.

A complication related to this issue is the city’s current rule that no RV can remain in the City for more than 90 days. The developer has requested an indefinite waiver to that requirement since many of its target RV and Tiny Home customers would be looking for a year or even longer stays. So, the question would be how to ethically grant that waiver for this park while at the same time denying it for other RV Parks in the City.

No action was taken on this question at Tuesday’s meeting, but action could come as soon as the next regular meeting on December 5.

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