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Election Night Returns

by Walker County News Today staff

Local races and ballot initiatives across Walker County were decided in Tuesday night’s election.  Only 4,305 of the 31,676 registered voters cast a ballot in this low turn-out election.

Some mail-in and provisional ballots may still be counted after Tuesday’s unofficial final returns were announced.

Below are the Final UNOFFICIAL results of Tuesday’s election:

Walker County Hospital District

Robert Karl Mahaffey:                   20.08%

Robert R Hardy:                              15.61

David Toronjo:                                32.09%

Don Johnson:                                   9.02%

Judy Emmett:                                  23.20%


City of Huntsville


Andy Brauninger:             81.49%

George H Russell:            18.51%

Councilmember, Ward 1:

Joseph Emmett:                              57.87%

Timothy Charles Owl Davis:  42.13%

Councilmember, Ward 2:     

Tish Humphrey:                100%

Councilmember, Ward 3:

Ronald Allen:                    65.43%

Mader R Hedspetch:       34.57%

Councilmember, Ward 4:

Joe Rodriguez:                  77.31%

Michelle Bright:               22.69%

New Waverly ISD

School Board Trustee Position 1

Shane Barge:                                    100%


School Board Trustee Position 2

Greg Buckner:                                  73.80%

Cynthia Vance:                                26.20%


School Board Trustee Position 3

Joyce Goffney:                                 32.35%

Jacob Slott:                                       67.65%


City of New Waverly


Nathaniel James:                            71.66%

Cynthia Lea Minyard:                    20.32%

Jurrell Vance                                    8.02%



Lisa Koonce:                                     39.24%

Jurrell Gilliam                                  22.78%

Joe Mayrant:                                   37.97%


ESD 1 Proposition:

FOR:                     51.56%

AGAINST:            48.44%

HISD Proposition

FOR:                     72.63%

AGAINST:            27.37%

City of New Waverly Proposition

FOR:                     69.57%

AGAINST:            30.43%



  1. George H. Russell

    LMAO: Its called electronic voter fraud. Just as I expected. Andy is pathetic, spineless, and a TAX AND SPEND puppet of the elitist oligarchy.

    Eventually he will wish that he had never been re-elected again as the poor and underdogs will someday rise up and make his life as a puppet of the elitists miserable.

  2. George H. Russell

    The “Plumber” who is an obvious enemy of the SHSU students only won due to being a loyalist of the elitists and oligarchy. He is PATHETIC PATHOLOGICAL LIAR WHICH I HAVE PROVEN from tapes of his lies which I have transcribed.

  3. I don’t think that elitists and oligarchs made up 81.49% of the voters, but I’ve been wrong before

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