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County Updates Development Code

Update from Walker County Commissioners’ Court 04.23.18

Walker County Commissioners’ Court met for a regularly scheduled meeting on Monday morning addressing finances, public hearings, proclamations, and a workshop.


Commissioners received financial reports from the following:

  • District Clerk
  • County Clerk
  • Treasurer Investment Report
  • Walker County Appraisal District
  • Justice of the Peace, Pct 1
  • Justice of the Peace, Pct 2
  • Justice of the Peace, Pct 3
  • Justice of the Peace, Pct 4

County Judge Danny Pierce noted that the county is currently at a 93% collection rate for property taxes.

Public Hearings

Several public hearings were held during the meeting:

  • Subdivision Regulations:  Commissioners voted to change the current Walker County Subdivision Regulations regarding road surfacing.  Previously, developers had three options for the type of road surfacing to use for new development; two-course is now eliminated and the option for asphalt has an increased requirement that increases the asphalt from 1.5″ to 2″.  There was discussion of a more thorough review and possible changes to the regulations in the near future.
  • Commissioners took no action after a public hearing on renaming Crooks Lane, located in Precint 2.
  • Commissioners voted unanimously to approve a replat in the Riverside Harbor subdivision.

Other Business

In other business, Commissioners’ Court issued a proclamation recognizing this as Soil and Water Stewardship Week.  Community members Phillip Burnett, Floyd Nalls, Ernie Collins, and Marcus Payne were all present representing several different groups that requested the proclamation.

Marvin Cannon presented a proposal to hire two high school students from a local school district as temporary employees during the summer months.  Cannon explained that the two positions could be funded from already budgeted funds; he want on to say the students would be supervised by a regular county employee at all times.  Commissioners unanimously approved the proposal.

Court voted to allow Walker County Sheriff’s Office employee Capt Steve Fisher, who is retiring from the WCSO, to purchase his service weapon for $1.

Sonja Tennant presented a 6-minute video to be displayed in the courthouse and on the county’s website.  The video was created as part of the county’s recognition of National County Government Month.

No action was taken on a grievance filed by a member of the janitorial staff.

Commissioners approved the sale of one lot in the Wildwood Shores subdivision as a Trust Property sale.


Precinct 3 commissioner Bill Daugette presented information on Public Assistance Districts in Texas and proposed the Court consider the possibility of creating such a district in part of Walker County.  Public Assistance Districts are created to collect sales taxes in unincorporated areas of the county; funds can be used only for specific purposes.  Commissioners discussed the possibility of using the funds for road and bridge projects, for fire departments such as Crabbs Prairie VFD and Pine Prairie VFD, or for other public safety projects.   Specific revenue projects were available.


None of the documents voted on at Tuesday’s court were available prior to the meeting on the Commissioners’ Court website or in person at the meeting.

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