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Commissioners’ Court Adopts Hazard Mitigation Plan

At Tuesday’s regular meeting of Walker County Commissioners’ Court, commissioners voted unanimously to adopt the Walker County Hazard Mitigation Plan presented by Butch Davis.   According to Judge Danny Pierce, Walker County must have such a plan in order to apply for Homeland Security grants.  He said that the plan had already been approved by FEMA.

Sheriff’s Department

Sheriff Clint McRae made an appearance before the court to request that an IT job, which was originally allocated to handle IT issues in the new jail and at the Sheriff’s Office, be reassigned from the IT department to the Sheriff’s Office.  McRae explained that the position had remained unfilled for two years and that he could better utilize the position within his department to assist criminal investigators with technical aspects of investigation such as tracking devices and cell phones.  The position would also include job duties supporting IT needs of the jail and the sheriff’s office.  The position would use funds already allocated and would not cost the county any additional money.  Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the move.

Road & Bridge

Residents from Swearingen Road, located in Precinct 4, spoke to the court and requested that the county adopt their private road.  The residents explained that it would cost at least $80,000 to repair the private road and that they could not afford to make the repairs.  Commissioners were advised by the District Attorney’s office that no vote could legally taken on the matter since the Public Notice and Public Hearing requirements had not been met.


Commissioners voted to accept a bid from Entech Sales and Service for $72,051.  The purpose of the contract is to install automated controls to better regulate heating and cooling within the courthouse.  Commissioners discussed long-term issues with regulating temperatures in numerous areas of the courthouse and that the new automated controls should help extend the life of the existing heating and cooling equipment.

Other Business

Commissioners also approved the following:

  • Meeting minutes for May 14, 2018
  • Meeting minues for May 21, 2018
  • Received financial information as of May 23, 2018
  • Received monthly reports from all four Justices of the Peace
  • Received the District Clerk’s monthly report
  • Funds for Jury Appreciation Week
  • Claims for payment
  • Employee injury report

The Hazard Mitigation Plan, financial reports, and other documents can be viewed on the county website.

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