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City of Huntsville Set to Build Second Water Tower

On the agenda for the April 3 Huntsville City Council Meeting was the first reading of a proposal to award the construction contract for a second large elevated water storage tank.

The new tank would store 2.5 million gallons of water and be located just behind Fire Station Number 1 on Veterans Memorial Blvd near the Spring Lake subdivision.

The contract would also include modifications to the existing 2.0 million-gallon water tower located at the Palm Street Water Plant in the central part of the city.

City Engineer Y. S. “Ram” Ramachandra advised the Council that the design of these projects has been completed and a competitive sealed bid competition for the construction work has been conducted.

The proposed winning bidder is Landmark Structures 1 LP of Fort Worth who submitted a bid of $4.114 million. That amount is well below the original engineer’s estimate of $6.0 million. Construction is estimated to be completed by December 2019.

These two projects are part of a 10-project plan in work by the city to implement the water infrastructure portion of Ballot Proposition 3 approved by the voters in November 2016. The first series of municipal bonds associated with these propositions are expected to be issued by June of this year.

The Purchase of Property located in the 200 Block of SH 75N –  First Reading

As previously reported, on March 20th of this year the Council authorized the City Staff and the Interim City Manager to obtain and sign an earnest money contract for property located at 231 State Highway 75 North in Huntsville and present to City Council for two readings.

At this meeting on April 3, after an executive session, the Council returned to open session and held the first of the two readings. There was no discussion and no action taken but the proposed action is to procure the property for a cost not to exceed $1.069 million.

According to the Walker County Appraisal District website the property in question appears to be a 3.915-acre tract currently owned by Maalouf Properties LLC and TC Messenger Advertising, both of Huntsville.

Parking in the Downtown Area

This item was also on the agenda for the April 3 meeting as we previously reported.  No action was taken at this meeting.

Other Business

In other business, the Council approved

  • A minor adjustment in the Statue Visitor Center budget. – In the discussion the Interim City Manager noted that the planned renovations and additions to the Statue Visitor Center should be completed by July 4.
  • Continuing Pattillo, Brown and Hill, L.L.P. of Waco as the City’s independent auditors. – An independent auditor is required by the City Charter.
  • The Mayor’s Nominees for the Master Planning Advisory Committee for the Bruce Brothers Regional Airport’s Master Plan. – The names of the nominees were not identified.

Citizen Participation Request

In a Citizen Participation Request, Ms. Patricia Powers, a resident on Avenue L½, called the Council’s attention to previous requests for service calls that she has made to the city about various neighborhood issues. But the City Staff advised the Council that, while they have responded to many of these calls, most of the issues do not fall under the City’s jurisdiction.

The Mayor thanked Ms. Powers for calling these to the Council’s attention.


The Mayor read proclamations

  • Declaring April 2018 to be Sexual Assault Awareness Month in the City of Huntsville
  • Declaring this week to be National Library Week in the City of Huntsville.
  • Declaring April 2018 to be National Parliamentary Law Month in the City of Huntsville.

In connection with the latter item, it was announced that City Secretary Lee Woodward has been Designated as a Professional Registered Parliamentarian by the National Association of Parliamentarians. There are only about 300 people so designated nationally and about 30 in Texas.

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