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Candidate Packets Available for May 7 Special Election

Candidate packets for the 2016 City of Huntsville General Election are available through the office of the City Secretary at City Hall, 1212 Avenue M, or on the City web site at http://www.huntsvilletx.gov/Elections.

The City Council seat for At-large Position 1 is vacant following the election of Mayor Andy Brauninger in December 2015 and will be on a May 7, 2016 special election ballot. Filing for the positions will be from January 20, 2016 to March 7, 2016 at 5 p.m., in the office of the City Secretary (City Hall, 1212 Avenue M).

The City of Huntsville application fee is one dollar, per City Charter mandate. City Secretary Lee Woodward acknowledged members of the public may have questions about the responsibilities of Councilmembers.

“The City Secretary’s office provides the candidate packets, which include general information, a brief of the state election calendar, and references for guidelines and statutes,” Woodward said. “Anyone is welcome to learn more about the duties of Councilmembers and how the election process is conducted, even if they have no desire to run for office. The steps to becoming and the obligations of an elected Councilmember are many and varied.”

For more information, email citysecretary@huntsvilletx.gov, call 936-291-5403, or visit the City’s Elections page at http://www.huntsvilletx.gov/Elections.

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