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Bill Tutor Seeks GOP Nomination for Walker County Commissioner, Pct 3

Huntsville, TX – Bill Tutor, long-time Republican and Walker County resident, announced today that he will seek the nomination for Walker County Precinct 3 Commissioner in the Republican Primary in March 2016.

Tutor’s years of experience in budget and operations processes are the result of his tenure on the Riverside Water Supply Corporation’s Board of Directors. During this time, Tutor has led the Board to adopt multiple rate and fee reductions. He also works tirelessly to increase transparency as well as public input and participation with regard to the budget process. Tutor currently serves as Board President with this organization.

Most recently Tutor was appointed to fill an unexpired term on Riverside City Council, thereby giving him further opportunity to develop and utilize his skill set while serving his fellow citizens in yet another capacity.

Tutor explains his approach as being just plain common sense. “We need to do a better job of providing high-quality basic County services without constantly going back to the taxpayer for more money. We also need to do a much better job of opening up the Commissioners’ Court to the public and involving the public in the decision-making process. Transparency and citizen input are vital to any governmental entity that claims to represent the public.”

Tutor is currently self-employed as a real estate agent. He lives in Riverside and is married to Heidi Tutor; he has two sons: Bill Tutor,  23, and Waylon Tutor,  12.

For additional information: BillTutor4WalkerCo3@gmail.com or (936) 662-3311.

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