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Water Line Cleaning in Huntsville

Some Huntsville residents may experience brief water outages during water line cleaning.


During the week of September 21, 2015, the City of Huntsville’s Water Division will be performing a water line cleaning project along Veteran’s Memorial Drive. This project, sometimes referred to as “pigging,” will be similar to the project conducted along Highway 30 last summer.

Over time, minerals in hard water attach to the inside of water lines. While these do not compromise the safety of the City’s drinking water, they can affect its taste, odor, and appearance. In a “pigging” operation, the pipes are scrubbed and scoured to clean their interiors.

A few customers may be without water for a short period of time during this project. Those that will be affected will be notified with a door hanger. City crews will flush the lines in the area to minimize any brown water that may result from the project. The City requests the patience of any citizens who may experience brown water. If anyone continues to experience brown water for more than a few hours, they are asked to please notify the City Service Center at 936-294-5700.

Information on the progress of this project will be released as it proceeds. For any questions about this project, please call Water Superintendent Joyce Hubbard at 936-294-5762.

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