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Walker County Marriage Licenses – December 2015

Walker County Marriage Licenses executed in December 2016


12-2-15  Torger Voldbakken and Janis Peters

12-3-15  Vance Bridges and Casey Collins

12-4-15  Austin Mueller and Caitlin Strohbehn

12-4-15  James McGowen and Dawn Stephenson

12-7-15  Gary Gaddie and Lou Adler

12-8-15  Richard Womack and Frances Womack

12-9-15  Robert Ford and Carolyn Perry

12-10-15  Dane Howard and Tara Medina

12-11-15  Peter McCaffrey and Kaytlin Roberts

12-11-15  Joel Gaston and Autumn Fisher

12-12-15  Michael Iverson and Kathleen Lauw

12-12-15  Jonathan Noser and Jennifer Sun

12-17-15  Ashley Jones and Amanda Ransom

12-18-15  Eulogio Munoz and Teodolinda Echeverria

12-18-15  Keenan Harrison and Niesha Boyce

12-19-15  Guy Gros and Elida Cervantes

12-19-15  Darrell Powell and Candice Ugarte

12-19-15  Samuel Pitt and Katherine Gautreaux

12-20-15  Charston Mitchell and Abigail McCollum

12-20-15  John Seitz Jr and Tonya Soape

12-21-15  Zachary Cecil and Adelina Fetahu

12-21-15  Timothy Kearns and Krystal Cox

12-21-15  Shelton Lewis and Qutina Wiley

12-22-15  Jordan Harris and Candace Taylor

12-22-15  Roger Davis and Claire Lambahon

12-25-15  Todd West and Amy Hirsch

12-28-15  Glenn Swartz and Jaime Teafatiller

12-29-15  Saul Gomez Rogriduez and Elisa Gonzalez

12-29-15  Kristopher Evans and Cheryl Houghton

12-30-15  Steed Smith and Amy Chambers

12-30-15  Joseph Richardson and Ashley Scott

12-31-15  Gabriel Bitloas and Michelle Ambergey

12-31-15  William Smith and Rebecca Clancy

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