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HISD Principals Announce Retirements

Two Huntsville ISD Secondary Principals Announce Retirements


Delanise Taylor

Delanise Taylor

Long-time Huntsville ISD administrator Delanise Taylor has announced her plan to retire at the end of the 2015-2016 school year. Taylor has served as principal of Huntsville Intermediate School for the past two years, but the influence of her leadership has been felt at several campuses across the district for much longer
than that. With 27 years total experience as an administrator and teacher for Huntsville ISD, she has made a very strong and positive impact on education in this community.

A 1976 graduate of Huntsville High School, Taylor earned both her Bachelor of Arts in Teaching and Masters of Education from Sam Houston State University. She began working in education in some capacity in the early eighties, teaching children of various ages and learning abilities. In 1989 she started her full-time career in Huntsville ISD as an elementary teacher. She transitioned to campus leadership in 1998 as assistant principal at Huntsville Elementary and then at Huntsville Intermediate in 2005. For the past ten years she has served as a campus principal. She joined Scott Johnson Elementary as principal in 2006, and eight years later in 2014, when the Huntsville Intermediate principal position opened, she was the choice to lead it.

In a statement shared late this afternoon, Taylor said, “I will always be a Hornet, and will always be pulling for each of you to do great things for HISD!” The district wishes to express sincere appreciation to Mrs. Taylor as she has been an exceptional leader, educator, mentor and friend to all. We congratulate her on her exciting, yet difficult, decision to retire. In a statement written in her initial employment application with the district, Taylor stated, “I would like to make a difference in a child’s life. I would like to know that years from now someone can look back and realize that the things they learned in my classroom really did matter.” Many children in Huntsville have benefited from her influence. She has indeed made a major difference in the lives of so many. The district appreciates her passion for education, and more importantly her love for  children. She will be greatly missed by all.

Beth Burt

Beth Burt

Beth Burt, the principal of Huntsville High School for the past five years, announced she will retire at the end of the 2015-2016 school year. Burt, who has 37 years in education, made the announcement to her staff this afternoon. She shared, “It’s been a great journey and I have made many friendships that I will always treasure.”

Burt earned her Bachelor and Master degrees as well as her Mid-Management certification from Sam Houston State University. She joined Huntsville ISD administration in 1994 as the campus principal at Huntsville Elementary. She came to Huntsville with an already well-established and respectable 15 year career in education. Having served initially as a teacher in Trinity ISD, she also taught and was an assistant principal in Conroe ISD. She has K-12 experience as both a Speech Therapist and a Resource and Special Education teacher.

In 2000, she left the campus and joined central administration as the Director of Human Resources. She returned to campus leadership in 2001, serving as principal for five years at Scott Johnson Elementary. She was transferred in 2005 to the principal position at Huntsville Intermediate School and again in 2006 to Mance Park Middle School. For the past five years she has been the principal at Huntsville High.

Many great and positive changes have come from her leadership. Huntsville High School students and programs have garnered numerous academic and athletic accolades during Burt’s tenure. School spirit and pride has increased exponentially under her administration. She has always put what is best for children above all else. She has been the biggest supporter and fan of her students and staff members, traveling near and far to cheer them onto success! She’s been willing to take risks and try new and innovative approaches to instruction and discipline, so long as it would benefit children. Her campus slogans over the years really say it best…“Hornet Strong!” “All-In!” and “Own-It!” She has been a firm believer in students being active participants in their learning and providing a culture that inspires students and staff to own their learning, so they are really prepared for life. She is well respected and loved across the district by students, staff and parents alike. Many HISD students have had the privilege to have Mrs. Burt as their campus principal not once but many times during their educational journey. Huntsville ISD celebrates with Mrs. Burt and her family and wish her a well-deserved and happy retirement.

The District will post both principal vacancies immediately, and begin a search to fill both positions in preparation of the 2016-2017 school year.

Information and photos provided by H.I.S.D.

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