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Two Audition Calls From Huntsville Community Theatre

Huntsville Community Theatre invites the public to auditions for TWO upcoming productions: “Jake’s Women” (Jan 4 and 5, at 6pm both nights) and “The Gondoliers” (Jan 11 and 12, at 6pm both nights). Details for both auditions are provided below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Anyone cast in “Jake’s Women” CAN ALSO audition for “The Gondoliers.” The directors of the shows will work the schedule out to accommodate anyone who is cast in both shows.


Auditions are open to ALL – NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY – and are conducted with “cold reads” – no preparation is necessary.

Anyone may audition. HCT has an open cast policy, and NO ROLES have been filled in advance.

The following steps will take place during the audition:

  • Auditioning Actors arrive – 6 pm sharp (later arrivals must be approved by HCT or the Director).
  • ALL Actors and Crew MUST fill out one of HCT’s audition application forms – COMPLETELY no blanks!! (Write n/a if the question does not pertain to you.) Resumes will be accepted; but are not necessary to audition.
  • Get Approval of completed application – by an HCT volunteer that is helping with the auditions.
  • Photo taken for ID purposes – No prep necessary – used for casting ID ONLY!
  • Actors will go into the auditorium – with their complete, approved application in hand – from there you will be guided in the audition process by the director or another HCT volunteer.



Auditions will be held at the J. Philip Gibbs, Jr., Centre for the Performing Arts (Old Town Theatre), 1023 12th St., in Huntsville on Mon Jan 4 at 6pm and Tue Jan 5 at 6pm, with rehearsals to start soon thereafter (schedule set by director). Performances are set for: Feb 19, 20, 26, and 27 at 7:30pm and Feb 21 and 28 at 2pm.
This production is a comedy written by Neil Simon and directed by Jacob Foster.
“Jake’s Women” Cast: 6 f / 1 m, as follows:

Jake – Being a writer, Jake’s world is mostly in his head. He passes the time in made up conversations with fictionalized versions of his friends, family, and lovers. Jake feels as if his life is beyond his control while suffering from psychosis and learning to love and let go throughout the play. He is conflicted with the past and can’t differentiate reality and fantasy.

Maggie is Jake’s current wife whom he began dating shortly after his wife, Julie, passed away. Maggie is sensitive and patient but only to a certain extent. By the time she decided to separate from their marriage, she has become a stressed-out career woman who is unclear about her own motivation. Maggie feels she has been forcing herself to live up to Jake’s expectations instead of her own. Maggie’s sensitivity is what Jake admires about her the most,

Karen is Jake’s sweet and loyal sister. She offers both friendly yet unwelcome advice to Jake some of the time. Karen worries that Jake doesn’t even know what to do with his life on his course to learning to move on. Through the play, the audience never meets the “real” Karen, only Jake’s mental projection of her.

Molly is Jake’s daughter. Jake calls upon her when he wants to recall the feeling of unconditional love and acceptance. He has conversations with 12 year old Molly and 21 year old Molly. Both in real life and in fantasy, Molly continues to offer support because all she wants in the end is what’s best for her father.

Edith is Jake’s therapist. Just like Jake’s perception of Karen, we only see the hallucinatory version of Edith. She offers practical advice but gets furious with Jake when he continues to talk about his life decisions.

Julie is Jake dead ex-wife. As a character in Jake’s imagination, it takes Julie to recognize that she isn’t alive, permanently 21 years old, still vastly in love with Jake when he was 26. Once it has come to her attention that she is no longer alive, she is heart broken and then comes to the conclusion of her seeing how she led a good life with Molly and Jake. Julie is what is holding back Jake’s urge to move forward with learning to love again.

Shelia is Jake’s girlfriend. Jake sees Shelia as an escape from the problems he is facing. Maggie’s jealousy is shown as she watches Jake’s conversation with Shelia regarding their future. The exchange between Shelia and Jake gets heated when Jake has a hallucination of Maggie interrupting his conversation with her.


Auditions will be held at the J. Philip Gibbs, Jr., Centre for the Performing Arts (Old Town Theatre), 1023 12th St., in Huntsville on Mon Jan 11 at 6pm and Tue Jan 12 at 6pm, with rehearsals to start soon thereafter (schedule set by director). Performances are set for: Apr 15, 16, 22, and 23 at 7:30pm and Apr 17 and 24 at 2pm.
This production is a musical comedy written by Gilbert and Sullivan and directed by Bruce Chabot and Melissa M. Miller.

From the Director, to those wishing to audition: Please know that as long as you can SING and your schedule is amenable, there is likely a place for you in this show! All roles in this show SING, therefore singing is part of the requirement of the audition.

What to prepare:

Cold Reads: A PREPARED MONOLOGUE IS NOT NECESSARY for this audition.
There will be sides from the show at the audition. Upon arrival, you will be given a variety of material to read over and prepare, based on your cited interest in parts and/or what the director would like for you to read.

Music: You do NOT have to prepare any music in advance, HOWEVER:
If you HAVE 16 measures of a piece of music prepared, we would love to hear it (bring sheet music and accompaniment tract, just in case).
WE WILL HAVE several selections from the show that we will learn TOGETHER, and then sing in small groups so the director can hear your voice.
**Those wishing to play leads or sing solos will need to sing solo at some point during the audition.
**Those wishing to participate in the CHORUS will NOT need to sing anything solo, unless the director asks specifically to hear your vocal range.
**Anyone may audition. HCT has an open cast policy, and NO ROLES have been filled in advance. Cast descriptions below are in part a GUIDE to ballpark the characters as they relate in age to one another. The director is happy to consider anyone for any part for which he/she wishes to be considered.

Dance: There will be a short choreographed piece of a dance as well that anyone auditioning will need to learn and execute at the audition. Very BASIC steps, taught in groups. We just need to see how you move.
The story of “The Gondoliers” concerns the young bride of the heir to the throne of the fictional kingdom of Barataria who arrives in Venice to join her husband. It turns out, however, that he cannot be identified, since he was entrusted to the care of a drunken gondolier who mixed up the prince with his own son. To complicate matters, the King of Barataria has just been killed. The two young gondoliers must now jointly rule the kingdom until the nurse of the prince can be brought in to determine which of them is the rightful king. Moreover, when the young queen arrives to claim her husband, she finds that the two gondoliers have both recently married local girls. A last complicating factor is that she, herself, is in love with another man. (description via eNOTES.com)
“The Gondoliers” Cast:

The Duke of Plaza-Toro (comic Baritone, older) – The duke, who always led his regiment from behind, except when it retreated, is eager to place his daughter on the throne of Barataria and to feather his own nest as much as possible.

The Duchess of Plaza-Toro (contralto, matronly) – The Duke’s formidable wife.

Casilda (soprano, 16-22) – (kah-SEEL-dah), their daughter, married in infancy to the royal heir of Barataria. She is in love with Luiz.

Don Alhambra del Bolero (Bass/Baritone, 30s-60s) – (ahl-AHM-brah dehl boh-LEH-roh), the grand inquisitor of Spain. He is searching for the royal heir, whom he had stolen in infancy and left with a tippling gondolier to rear with his own son. The gondolier could not remember which of the two boys was his own son and which the prince. The Inquisitor decides to torture their former nurse to find out which is which.

Marco Palmieri (Tenor, 21-ish) (pahl-MEE-eh-ree) and Giuseppe Palmieri (Baritone, 21-ish) (jee-ew-SEHP-pee), gondoliers with republican principles. Each being half a king until the truth can be discovered, they promote everybody in the kingdom to a lord high something-or-other, to the inquisitor’s disgust. They are separated from their recent brides and told that one is an unwitting bigamist.

Gianetta (soprano, 21-ish) (jee-ahn-NAYT-tah) and Tessa (mezzo, 21-ish), flower girls, wives of Marco and Giuseppe.

Luiz (Tenor/Baritone, 16-21-ish) (lew-EES), The duke’s attendant, who carries a drum to beat before the duke.

Inez (mezzo, older) – (ee-NEHS), an elderly nurse. She is readily persuaded by torture to confess the truth about the real king of Barataria, for whom she had substituted her own son, actually the child stolen by the grand inquisitor.

CHORUS of many flower girls/women and gondoliers (young men). Several of these are NAMED characters with solo singing lines, and in some cases dialogue.

Information provided by Huntsville Community Theatre.

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