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Sam Houston Statue 21st Birthday

On October 22, the Sam Houston Statue, “A Tribute to Courage” will turn 21. To commemorate the special occasion, the Tourism and Visitor Center will be hosting a competition for the creation of a drink that will be unique to Huntsville.

The Visitor Center is inviting all Huntsville bars and restaurants to create a refreshing non-alcoholic drink that will be named “The Legend” in honor of the statue and the great statesman, General Sam Houston.

There will be community dignitaries who will judge and select the winners (first, second and third place). As a marketing effort, the Visitor Center will feature all participants on all marketing materials and will create a special recipe card indicating where the drinks will be sold.

There is an entry fee of $50 for each participating business, and each business will present one Legend version in a 5-gallon dispenser, to serve the five judges and Visitor Center guests for the day.

For more information, contact Leara Phillips at lphillips@huntsvilletx.gov or 936-291-5935. All entries must be received by October 9th at 5:00 p.m.

Information provided by City of Huntsville.

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