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New Waverly Firefighters Save Two Houses

Home less than 10 feet away from fully involved commercial building.


Just before 10 PM Saturday night, Firefighters at the New Waverly Fire Station were wrapping up their daily routine when Walker County 911 began to receive reports of a building fire on Mabry Street in the City of New Waverly.

The 3 Firefighters and 2 Walker County Paramedics on duty were on scene in less than 2 minutes and reported that a large commercial building was fully involved in fire. The building housed a mechanic’s shop and was filled with flammable liquids and other combustible supplies, as well as a pickup truck.

The fire had already breached the roof and windows of the mechanic’s shop and was spreading to homes on either side. The building’s owner lived next door in a wood frame home that was approximately 8 feet away from the burning shop. The home’s siding was starting to melt and fire was spreading to the eaves of the home before the crew was able to place a fire hose between the two and saved the building. The two Walker County Paramedics helped the Engine Operator stretch a 5” hose to a nearby hydrant and then firefighters deployed a portable deck gun as well as the deck gun mounted on top of the truck, stopping the fire and preventing any further damage.

Firefighters had to contend not only with the heat of the fire and the proximity of the houses on either side, but several explosions within the building as they were fighting the fire. All told, at least 5 or 6 separate explosions occurred during the firefighting operation, hampering efforts to enter the building and fully extinguish the fire.

In addition to the first crew on scene, two other New Waverly Engines responded as well as an Engine from Huntsville and an Engine and Ladder Truck from the North Montgomery County Fire Department. There were no injuries and only minor damage to the siding of one of the homes. The building that housed the mechanic’s shop was destroyed along with most of its contents, but the owner was thankful that his house was spared.

Video from the scene here.

Info, photos, and video provided by NWVFD.

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