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Marriage Licenses – October 2015

Marriage Licenses for October 2015 in Walker County


10-1-15  John Espinoza and Brijet Knipp

10-2-15  Gregory Reeves and Robyn Bell

10-3-15  Guy Nealis and Debra Durda

10-3-15  Davis Billey Jr and Gabrielle Robertson

10-3-15  Evan Koosmann and Lanan Wilson

10-3-15  Jacob Lowery and Alison Lawson

10-4-15  Kyle Hylton and Jana Parker

10-7-15  Shirley McNally and Michelle Musmanno

10-8-15  Shivonne Bolton and Elsa Martinez

10-9-15  Ian Salsbery and Cassaundra Watts

10-9-15  Danny Eden and Brittany Lundstrom

10-9-15  Linda Hart and Lahna Miller

10-10-15  Jared Webb and Kimberly Eikenberg

10-10-15  Kenneth Porter and Christine Hall

10-10-15  April Steely and Deborah Wasson

10-13-15  Thomas Boyd and Jodi Hobbs

10-13-15  Eduin LagosIrias and Katherine Soto

10-15-15  Brayden Young and Amamda Lefevre

10-16-15  Justin Syzdek and Courtney Wakefield

10-17-15  Kurt Bubela and Rachel Lane

10-17-15  Kurt Maness and Tiffany Walker

10-17-15  Cody Landrum and  Megan Salisbury

10-22-15  Andrew Miller and Steven Keother

10-22-15  Kar’Misha Williams and Deandra Davis

10-22-15  Carey Boudiette and Jaye Innerarity

10-22-15  Alecxis Jasso Martinez and Christina Waworofsky

10-24-15  Fredis Cardona Padilla and Isabel Dimas

10-24-15  Pascal Bidjogo Bodo and  Elisabeth Tchattchoua Djeugoue

10-24-15  Brian Lennon and Jana Saxton

10-27-15  Lucious Davis and Samantha King

10-28-15  Juan Jose Guadalupe Gonzalez Cuevas and Gabriela Garnica

10-28-15  Derek Walker and Dawn Badger

10-28-15  Michelle Uribe and Shelby Rich

10-30-15  Donnie Morgan and Kendra Browder

10-31-15  Jonathan Parker and Tara Abarca


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