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Marriage Licenses – January 2015

The following Marriage Licenses were executed for Walker County in the month of January 2016.


01-01-2016  Tommy Ellington and Teresa Loomis

01-01-2016  Andy Baker and Jennifer Baker

01-02-2016  John Clark and Brittany Ascheal

01-02-2016  Dylan Guadalupe and Annel Gonzalez

01-04-2016  David Gonzales and Gabbrielle Villegas

01-06-2016  Kyle Evans and Autumn Pegoda

01-06-2016  Otis Williams III and Demetra Minor

01-08-2016  James Andrews and Jennifer Metcalf

01-08-2016  Claude Rushton Jr and Faith Harris

01-08-2016  Oswaldo Ramirez Ramos and Perla Leyva Gomez

01-08-2016  Luis Cordero Calderon and Diaena Lira Rivas

01-09-2016  Jonathan Beeman and Amanda Cervantez

01-09-2016  William Hyde and Stacy Hood

01-11-2016  Jorge Urbina Ramirez and Ana Ramirez

01-12-2016  Anthony Fahy and Kirsten Oliphant

01-15-2016  Daniel Wilson and Wendy Gandy

01-15-2016  Cody Traylor and Kirbie Brown

01-15-2016  Kyle Cameron and Ashley Adkins

01-16-2016  Albert Adams and Rhonda Acreman

01-16-2016  Tanner Foster and Haley McNeill

01-19-2016  Brian Sherman and Katrina Ellis

01-19-2016  James Robertson and April Brewer

01-19-2016  Darrell Hoot and Kristy Anderson

01-20-2016  Darrell Hoot and Kristy Anderson

01-23-2016  Daniel Gonzales and Robbie Fisher

01-25-2016  Kiley Spiller and Ashley Wale

01-26-2016  William Elpers and Meagan Bellinoski

01-26-2016  Lawrence Howard and Lori Vance

01-29-2016  Noner Hooks and Crystal Tate

01-30-2016  Osbaldo Roblero Velasquez and Leidy Olguin Bautista


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