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Marriage Licenses- February 2016

The following Marriage Licenses were executed for Walker County in the month of February 2016.


02-03-2016  Kalan Dean and Kristing Boutwell

02-05-2016  Jason Coffeen and Jennifer Carabajal

02-06-2016  Derwin Ortega Blandon and Luz Gomez

02-06-2016  Jestin Askew and Katelyn Spradling

02-09-2016  Ronald Camp and Linda Rogers

02-10-2016  Danny Torres and Anel Medina

02-12-2016  Kolwyn Palasota and Shannon Hamilton

02-12-2016  Supun Samarakoon and Sanduni Leelaratne

02-14-2016  Samuel Debose and Yesenia Alvarez

02-14-2016  Joseph Cross and Mildred Steadman

02-14-2016  James Cain III and Jamie Dunham

02-14-2016  Roderick Johnson Jr and Darniesha Young

02-16-2016  Dohn Freeman and Sara Hoot

02-16-2016  Willis King  and Laura Flowers

02-17-2016  Howard LeBlanc and Candi Maxwell

02-18-2016  Jeffrey Hill and Tami Allen

02-18-2016  Chad Johnson and Tiffany Ross

02-18-2016  Hector Zavala and Rebecca Maldonado

02-20-2016  Chase McRae and Brittany Baumback

02-22-2016  Trevor Tuls and Jessica Sechrengost

02-24-2016  Cody Smith and Philicia Stecker

02-24-2016  Debra Sunday and Linda Valdez

02-24-2016  Benjamin Dunn and Amanda Roye

02-25-2016  Gerald Brooks and Amorlina Vinson

02-26-2016  Kyle Gullings and Terra Bianchi

02-29-2016  Daveon Williams and Chasity Jones

02-29-2016  James Shields and Mary Metzler

02-29-2016  Chance Hinojosa and Melissa Murphy

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