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Huntsville ISD Hires New Head Volleyball Coach

Huntsville ISD has a new Head Volleyball Coach for the Lady Hornet program. The Board voted unanimously to accept the recommendation to hire Cody Hassell during their regular December Board of Trustees meeting held Thursday night. Coach Hassell is currently the Head Volleyball Coach at Anderson-Shiro High School.

Cody Hassell

HISD Girls Athletic Director, Coach Marcus Evans, recommended Coach Hassell stating, “He has said nothing but all the right things since we’ve been talking to him. He’s been Head Coach for the last five years in Anderson ISD, and he’s been in the play-offs all five of those years. Three of those years he was in the Regional Quarter finals, and two of them at the Area finals. He’s got a quality
program, and is a tremendous gentleman. We are very proud to have him.”

Hassell’s wife Jessica, 16 year old twin sons Addison and Dillon, 11 year old daughter Natalie, and 3 year old daughter Emma, all joined him tonight as he graciously accepted the position and thanked the board for the opportunity. “I’m very privileged and honored to have this opportunity. Whether the road is easily traveled, or not, Mr. Evans and I have been talking since July, on again
and off again and now is the time. My wife and I decided it was time to make a move. We love the district we are in and apart of; however, if there was ever going to be a time for my career to take off to new levels, now is the time. I understand we are losing a very, very talented senior class. However, the freshman and sophomore class coming back, from what I also understand after
talking to former Coach Hightower, have a talent and rawness that is going to give us the opportunity to not only build something now, but keep the program continuing to grow for the future,” said Hassell.

Coach Hassell plans to dig in and hit the court with the girls just after the holiday break. His desire is to work with the players during the off-season to transform the program into a strong and winning one that everyone can be proud of. Hassell will also be teaching science at Huntsville High School which is an additional benefit for the district.

Info and photos provided by HISD.

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