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Huntsville High School Responds

January 20, 2016
This morning just after school started, Huntsville High School Administration received notice from a student that they had received a concerning message from a fellow classmate. The content of the message appeared to be of a threatening nature. As student and staff safety is always top priority, the school administrators chose to err on the side of caution and treat the message as a bomb threat. The building was immediately evacuated, law enforcement was contacted, and campus administrators conducted a preliminary sweep of the campus. The Huntsville Police Department swiftly responded and conducted a thorough investigation.

The police quickly identified the student responsible for sending the message and officers were dispatched to the child’s residence. Upon arrival, officers were able to make contact with both the child and their parent. It was then determined by the police that the threat was not a creditable one, so all students and staff were permitted back into the building where normal operations resumed. The juvenile student was processed by law enforcement appropriately and in accordance with the law.

An emergency notification phone call with email was sent to all Huntsville High School parents/guardians shortly after the building was evacuated, and again once the “all clear” was given to return to the building. A notification is being sent to all HISD families this evening to be sure all families are informed.

Huntsville ISD is extremely appreciative to the campus leadership for the manner in which they handled today’s situation, and to the students, staff and parents for their cooperation during the investigation. We are most thankful to the Huntsville Police Department for their response and thorough investigation of the matter.

Information provided by HISD.

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