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The area circled in red at Southwood Drive and Highway 75 is proposed to be changed from Neighborhood Conservation to Management, which allows for commercial uses.

Huntsville Council to Consider Zoning Change, This Time at 75/Southwood Drive

By Rich Heiland

Free Press Publications, LLC

For Walker County News Today

            THE HUNTSVILLE CITYCouncil will consider changing the development classification of a piece of land on Southwood Drive at Highway 75 from Neighborhood Conservation to Management when it meets Tuesday, 6 p.m., in Council Chamber, City hall.

The property already has been cleared of a one-story residence. Southwood Drive has been residential on the east side of 75, but serves as a feeder onto I-45 North and Highway 19 on the west side. That side already has commercial development.

When the I-45 improvement work is done Southwood will become the main feeder/access to a new intersection to serve Highway 19 and 45.

The Council will take public comment on the change as its first agenda item. Later in the session it will give first reading to an ordinance to make the change.

At the beginning of the meeting Council also will take public comment on consideration of adopting a maximum tax rate of .3666 per $100 valuation for the 2018-2019 fiscal year. No action will be taken.

Other agenda items will include:

  • Under the consent agenda, authorize the city manager to award a construction contract to Horseshoe Construction, $777,505, for a sanitary sewer line replaced from I-45 to the Water’s Edge lift Station in Elkins Lake;
  • Give first reading to an ordinance authorizing the manager to enter into a contract for construction of the West Fork Tanyard Creek Sanitary Sewer Project.
  • First reading of an ordinance in opposition to proposed Entergy rate increases, and;
  • Approving nominees to city boards and commissions.

The meeting will be preceded by an open workshop in the conference room at 5:30 p.m. to hear a presentation on “Brand Review” as a part of the 2018 Strategic Plan.

Rich Heiland, former publisher of the Huntsville Item and owner of Free Press publications, LLC, a reporting/writing firm working with media, has been a reporter, editor and publisher at several daily papers. He was part of a Pulitzer Prize winning team. He taught journalism at Western Illinois University. He can be reached freepresstx@gmail.com or 936-293-0293.






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