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Changes Coming to City of Huntsville Trash Service

City of Huntsville adopts new pricing for heavy waste pick-up and new requirements for lawn waste pick-up.


On February 3, the City Council conducted a second reading and adopted the City’s updated guidelines for heavy trash pick up charges and yard waste bagging requirements (fee schedule changes for Solid Waste were approved on January 20).

Heavy Trash Pick Up
Effective April 3, 2015, customers who call in for Heavy Trash Service will have a $25.00 charge added to their City of Huntsville utility account bill each time the service is used. This service is for residential customers only with an active utility account and a call-in is required. Requestors call 936-294-5796 to leave information on the voice mail in order to be added to the pick up list. They must leave a name, service address, account number, contact number, and a description of the item or items to be picked up. Heavy Trash Service is for furniture, appliances, piles of brush not to exceed 4 feet high, 10 feet in length, and 5 feet in depth, or limbs no larger than 12 inches in diameter and cut to 5 feet in length. Natalie Mimms, Assistant Superintendent for Solid Waste and Recycling Services, said the changes were brought for consideration to help recover and reduce costs of tonnage hauled, vehicles, and staff time. “Residents inside the City limits will still be able to bring heavy trash and their ID to the Transfer Station and pay just over three cents a pound, with a $5.00 minimum, if that’s a more affordable option for the items they need to dispose of,” Mimms added. “For non-residents, it’s about four cents per pound, with a $6.25 minimum.”

Yard Waste
Beginning April 3, yard waste must be placed for pick up in one of the following acceptable manners:

  • In paper compostable yard bags which can be purchased from local retailers
  • In personal trash cans not to exceed 30 gallons
  • Limbs no larger than 4 inches in diameter, cut to four feet in length, must be tied securely in bundles no larger than 2 feet in diameter, and not weigh more than 50 pounds

All yard waste must be placed at the street’s edge on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Wednesdays of each month by 6:00 a.m. The total number of bagged, canned, or bundles of yard waste is limited to 12 per household per collection day. The Solid Waste Division asks residents to please consider these alternatives to having yard waste picked up by the City:

  •  Use a mulching blade on lawn mowers and compost leaves and other yard debris
  •  Bring yard waste directly to the Transfer Station facility with a current utility bill and identification with a matching address to dispose of yard waste at no charge
  •  Require personal lawn services to either use compostable bags, or haul away yard debris

Solid Waste Superintendent Esther Herklotz said the change in bagging requirements will help keep green waste out of landfills. “Last year, over 500 tons of leaves, grass clippings, and small limbs went in with the City’s garbage due to insufficient manpower to remove materials from non-recyclable bagging. Anyone can dispose of yard waste for a disposal fee. Residential customers with current City Utility bill and matching drivers license can dispose of yard waste at no cost.”
For more information and specifics, please go to the City of Huntsville web page under Departments/Public Works/Solid Waste /Recycling. Updated information for the Solid Waste Division is available on the City’s Web site,
www.huntsvilletx.gov, and citizens are also welcome to contact the office at (936) 294-5724 or eherklotz@huntsvilletx.gov.



Information provided by the City of Huntsville

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