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Beware Phone Scams Involving Law Enforcement

Huntsville Police Department cautions citizens about new phone scam.


Citizens are advised to beware of phone scams involving law enforcement, particularly callers who use the names of local law enforcement officials, such as the Chief of Police. The City of Huntsville recently became aware of such a scam in the Baytown area, which officials there believe to be occurring across the state.

City of Huntsville Director of Public Safety, Police Chief Kevin Lunsford, urges residents not to send money, checks or other forms of payment to unknown persons. If someone is unsure of the legitimacy of a call or wishes to report one, he urges them to call HPD.

“The scammer apparently calls to solicit funds for police officers or the department, and introduces himself with the name of local law enforcement officials,” said Lunsford. “Neither the Police Department nor I participate in any form of telephone solicitations. It is reported that the scammer will disconnect when the conversation turns casual and the citizen asks about something local.”

“We appreciate the support of the public, but please do not send money or give out any personal information to anyone you don’t know over the phone. As the holiday season approaches we will see all sorts of related scams pop up.”

For more information, call the Huntsville Police Department at 936-291-5480.

Information provided by City of Huntsville.

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