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Advisory From Huntsville Police Department

Huntsville Police Department investigating two reports of “Bank Jugging”


The Huntsville Police Department is investigating two recent reports of “Bank Jugging”. The act of jugging involves criminals who lurk in bank parking lots and watch as customers leave the bank. The criminals then follow the person to their next stop, wait for the person to leave their car and then burglarize the car. Although it has not occurred yet in Huntsville, some criminals will confront their victims and rob them instead of burglarizing the victims’ cars. The suspect vehicle in our investigations is a 2007 blue Kia van with Texas license plate DZT-4563 occupied by one or more African-American suspects.

Some things citizens should be aware of are:
– Occupied vehicles backed into parking spaces with a clear view of the bank, ATM or drive-thru line.
– Vehicles arriving at a bank with no occupants entering the bank.
– Vehicles changing parking spaces.
– Vehicles with dark tinted windows with little or no visibility of the occupants.
– Vehicles with multiple occupants.

Citizens should also:
– Be aware of your surroundings.
– Conceal money before leaving the bank. Never openly carry money bags, envelopes or coin boxes.
– Be aware of anyone following you from a bank.
– Don’t leave or try to hide a bank bag or envelope in your vehicle at your destination, even if it’s your home.

We ask that anyone with information on the suspect vehicle or suspect in our investigation to contact the Huntsville Police Department or Crime Stoppers. If a citizen sees the suspect vehicle we ask that you call and request an officer at 936-435-8001. If you believe that you are being followed call 911 and drive to the Huntsville Police Department or other law enforcement agency.

Click here for more photos of the suspect and the suspect vehicle.

Information provided by H.P.D.

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