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WCSO Booking Reports (Updated 1-28-15)

Walker County Sheriff’s Office Booking Reports – Monday, January 26 – Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Jackson, Robert Bland Jr – Theft Prop>=$1,500<$20k/Montgomery County

Cloninger, Angela Marie – Man Del CS pg 1>=4g<200g

Adamson, Larry – Theft; Failure to Appear

Dodd, Lance Elliott – Hold Over/BenchWarrant;  Poss CS pg 1>=1g<4g;  Theft of Material Alum/Brnze/Copper/Brass;  Theft of Material Alum/Brnze/Copper/Brass

Youngblood, Tyler Gerard – Hold Over/Detainer TDCJ-ID;  Hold Over/Bench Warrant 26537

Brown, Waylon – Drove in Center Lane Not Passing/Not Turning;  No Valid Inspection Sticker;  Failure to Appear

Lewis, Calvin III – Failure to Appear/CPF;  Failed to Stop at Stop;  Failure to Appear;  Man Del CS Pg 1<1g/PimaCo, AZ;  Assault Causes Bodily Injury Family Violence

Purcell, Neal Matthew – Expired Registration; Expired Inspection more than 60 days; Fail to Present Proof of Insurance; Failure to Appear.

Gambresll, Terron Jonathan – Theft <$50

Brass, Julius Kingsly – Public Intoxication

Yeley, Susan L – Man Del CS pg 1<=4g<200g/Bond Revocation

Hightower, Broderick Deshun – Criminal Trespass

Hawkins, Candice Brianna – Ran Red Light

Brown, Dominique – Resist Arrest Search or Transport;  Criminal Trespass

Padilla, Jose Alberto – Public Intoxication;  Criminal Trespass

Wilson, Garrett Michael – Poss Marij <2 oz;  Possession Drug Paraphernalia;  Minor in Possession Alcohol;  Expired Inspection

Nowlin, Tarrell Donald – Foregery Financial Instrument Elderly

Wells, Terry Lee – Driving While Intoxicated 3rd or More

Bennett, Kristofer Michael – Parole & Pardon Board Violation

Vela, Tammy Rene – Driving While Intoxicatiod w/Child

Rodriguez, Lee Roy – Burglary of Habitation/Lea County

Baggerly, Jesse – Assault Causes Bodily Injury/Family Violance;  Theft Prop >=$20<$500 by Check;  Forgery Financial Instrument

Billingsly-Farley, Xavier – Poss CS pg 1<1g

Carr, Charles Sidney-Ryan – Public Intoxication

Stutts, Jordan Dalton – Assault Fam/House Mem Impede Breath

Holmes, Benny Floyd – Injury Child/Elderly/Disabled

Jefferson, Gergory Lynn – Expired Drivers License

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