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Water Well Hurricane Prep – Before the Storm

Florida-based NGWA Board of Directors Vice President Merritt Partridge, CVCLD, with Partridge Well Drilling Co. Inc., shares steps to protect your well and water source before and after the storm.

There is not a great deal to do before a storm, but these simple steps can save a great deal of time, money and hassle later.

Protect your wellhead and pump

If your pump and wellhead are exposed to the elements, take some time to cover or secure your equipment. This will help to protect it from flying debris.

Protect electrical components

If you lose power make sure that you turn off your pump at the circuit breaker and leave it off during the storm. Power outages can result in spikes and surges through the electrical lines and they can result in damage to electrical components.

Also, if you do not have a surge suppressor on your pump, now is the time to add one. Even if you do not lose power, surges can still take place as other areas lose and regain power.

Fill tubs and sinks

Before the storm hits, fill your tub and sinks with water.  If you lose power to your pump this water can be used to wash hands and flush toilets.

After the Storm

Depending on how bad the damage and flooding is in your area, you want to be very careful after the storm before turning the power back on to your pump.

Inspect the well and equipment

If you did not have any flooding, take a look at the equipment to make sure there is no damage. If you see damage, call a professional before you turn on or try to operate the pump.

You have flooding

If your property has flooding, be extra cautious before operating your well.

First a foremost, if your have flooding, do not turn on the power. Do not go near it to avoid electrical shock. Wait for the flood water to abate before approaching.

For more information The National Groundwater Association has provided additional information that may be helpful. NGWA recommends that water well system professionals be used to assess and service the well. You can search for NGWA-member or NGWA-certified professionals in our Contractor Lookup. For additional resources from NGWA, please visit https://www.ngwa.org/publications-and-news/Newsroom/news-and-updates/hurricane-resources.

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