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Walker County Proud 18th Annual Tree Sale Scheduled for Saturday, Feb 7th

Walker County Proud Communities will host its 18th Annual Tree Sale on Saturday, February 7 and the public is encouraged to take part and purchase one of thousands of available seedlings. The event will be held at the Walker County Storm Shelter, located at 455 State Highway 75 North, from 7:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
“WCPC was established over 20 years ago to promote a green environment in the City of Huntsville and Walker County, and our annual Tree Sale is a significant part of that mission,” said Esther Herklotz, Solid Waste and Recycling Superintendent. “Our gracious Texas Forest Service has continued to provide thousands of tree seedlings every year for this event, and we hope to see even more public participation in the event this year.”

According to information from the Texas Forest Service, the Tree Sale will include 2,000 Hardwood and Softwood trees available for a $1 donation per tree. Pecan trees will also be available for $2 each (limit five per person), Bluebonnet
seeds will be available for $1 per package, and wood chips will be sold for $1 per bag. For each five trees sold, one bag of wood chips will also be included.

WCPC active members include Walker County Master Gardeners, Walker County Commissioners, Planning Department and Environmental Enforcement staff, Walker County Judge Danny Pierce, City of Huntsville Superintendent Esther
Herklotz and multiple local businesses such as James Murff of Try 2 Recycle. James Ray Necker of Walker County Pct. 1 serves as the WCPC President.

For more information, contact Herklotz at (936) 294-5724.

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