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Transfer Station is Now Accepting Credit Cards

The City of Huntsville’s Transfer Station is a place for customers to bring in their recyclables and garbage. Everything that comes in and out of the Transfer Station Facility is tracked through weight. When you enter the facility, your vehicle is weighted on a large scale. Once you have unloaded your materials, you go back to the scales. The system calculates the amount of weight that was brought into the facility, and calculates the total amount that should be charged. The Scale House attendant will take payment from you at this time.

Previously the Scale House was only able to accept cash and checks which could make it difficult for customers who may not know exactly how much weight they were unloading. The Scale House is now able to accept Credit Cards, and Debit Cards that can be used as credit cards. Payments made with either such cards will be charged a processing fee equal to 2.5% of the amount of the payment.

This service has been added to continue to serve customers and make their experience at the Scale House more convenient.

The Transfer Station/ Scale House is available to anyone in the area for use and includes features such as the recycling drop-off center, yard waste pile, tire pile, and the Trash Into Plowshares (TIPS) warehouse where customers can donate gently used construction material for low-income families and nonprofit organizations that are looking to make home/facility improvements.

The Transfer Station is located at 590 Interstate 45 North. If you have questions about the Transfer Station please call 936-294-5712.

Information provided by City of Huntsville.


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