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Hurricane Harvey damaged the Stubblefield Bridge. (Photo courtesy of USFS)

Stubblefield Bridge to be Replaced

by US Forest Service staff

A year after Hurricane Harvey heavily damaged Stubblefield Bridge, the structure is still impassable.

Originally, the plan was to make repairs to the bridge and have it open by December, but after engineers from the Central Federal Lands Highway Division inspected the extensive damage it was decided the best solution was to replace the bridge.

“We understand that Stubblefield Bridge serves as important roadway not only for the Sam Houston National Forest, but for nearby residents in Walker County who used the bridge daily,” said National Forests and Grasslands in Texas Forest Supervisor Eddie Taylor. “Replacing the bridge will obviously take longer than making a repair, but in the end, Stubblefield Bridge will be safer and more substantial than the old bridge.”

Taylor said engineers found serious issues on the entire structure beyond the damaged span and a repair would last only one or two years.

The new structure will accommodate pedestrians and fishing as well as vehicle traffic.


  1. replace ? when ? next century ? pathetic

  2. when ? in my lifetime ?

  3. Robert Ray Raborn

    Our political leaders are worthless…..this is pathetic……they should all be shot and replaced with ones who serve the community instead of themselves.

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