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Second Auto Theft Arrest Made

A second suspect has been arrested in concert with yesterday’s auto theft apprehension. Micah Harper was taken into custody by the Walker County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) after spending over 24 hours on the run.

At approximately 7:19 p.m. on August 28, WCSO deputies responded to a call of a suspicious person at a private residence in the 2200 block of I-45. The resident advised that a black male dressed only in his underwear was digging through a refrigerator in their garage.  Upon arrival, the deputies encountered Harper attempting to barricade himself in a vehicle, but were ultimately able to take him into custody. Harper was interviewed by detectives with the Huntsville Police Department and gave a full confession to the auto theft from Bill Fick Ford.

Harper appeared relieved to be out of the woods and described being attacked by a group of racoons as he attempted to hide in a deer stand. He also received numerous cuts and scrapes from various trees and bushes. Police Chief Kevin Lunsford, the City’s Director of Public Safety, thanked the WCSO for their support and assistance throughout this incident.

Micah Harper

Harper has been charged with Theft (Felony 3rd Degree), which is punishable with 2-10 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine. Harper is facing additional charges through the WCSO.

The City of Huntsville’s Police Department has held Recognized status since 2013 through the Texas Law Enforcement Agency (TLEA) Best Practices Recognition Program, a voluntary process where policing agencies prove compliance with best practices assisting in the efficient and effective delivery of service, the reduction of risk, and the protection of individuals’ rights.

In response to recent vehicle thefts, the Huntsville Police Department (HPD) conducted a surveillance operation at the Bill Fick Ford dealership which resulted in the arrest of suspected car thief Christian Cruz-Ramirez.

A Craigslist scam exists in which cars on dealer lots are posted for sale by someone other than the dealer. Once a buyer is found the cars are stolen and sold to the unwary person. It was discovered the scam was occurring when a buyer in Dallas realized he had purchased a stolen truck from Bill Fick Ford. The investigation led to another unsuspecting buyer in New Mexico who was attempting to purchase a Silver GMC Denali from Bill Fick Ford’s lot through an ad on Craigslist.

On Monday, August 27, at approximately 6:26 p.m., an HPD detective was stationed at Bill Fick Ford and observed the Silver Denali being stolen. Marked HPD units responded to the area and after a short pursuit, the stolen Denali crashed on Park Road 40 as the driver fled on foot into the woods. A second suspect vehicle, a 2005 Nissan Altima, was intercepted by HPD Officer Aaron Tullar as it drove southbound on I-45 and the driver, Christian Cruz-Ramirez, was taken into custody.

Christian Alexander Cruz-Ramirez

The Huntsville Police Department, with assistance from the Walker County Sheriff’s Office, Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Texas Department of Public Safety, and the TDCJ Office of Inspector General, conducted an extensive search of the Park Road 40 and Highway 75 South area but were unfortunately not able to locate the second suspect.

Police Chief Kevin Lunsford, the City’s Director of Public Safety, extended his appreciation to all the agencies involved for their assistance in this operation and thanked the New Mexico and Dallas buyers for bringing this type of incident to the attention of local law enforcement. Chief Lunsford reminds citizens to research any vehicle purchase and take the necessary precautions to ensure the seller has the right to sell the vehicle. As a reminder, the Huntsville Police Department has a Safe Zone in the Department’s parking lot for the exchange of internet sales.

Christian Cruz-Ramirez was charged with Theft (Felony 3rd Degree), which is punishable with 2-10 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine and Possession of a Controlled Substance (State Jail Felony), which is punishable with 180 days to 2 years in the State Jail and up to a $10,000 fine. The investigation is ongoing and additional charges are possible.

Information courtesy of City of Huntsville. Photos courtesy of WCSO.


  1. George H. Russell

    I have had crimes against me with the perps caught for some 44 year with ZERO arrests. Tens of thousands of dollars in damages and thefts yet no one has ever been advised to at least pay for the thousands of dollars in damages and thefts.

    Even this afternoon there was a fourth crime committed against our church yet even the Chief of Police says that if the criminals have ‘christian crosses’ around their necks then they “get out of jail’ for free in fact the cops REFUSE to arrest the criminals.

  2. Wow I never knew raccoons can blacken both eyes and leave bruises all over him like that plus leave a bruised hand print on his neck and look at his forehead SMH I’m pretty sure my husband did not get attached by no raccoons.. but let’s ask people all over social media what they think about raccoons doing this to him

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