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Recycling Program Under Consideration for Lake Livingston Area

by Polk County staff

Trash around the lake, along roadways and in fields has become a major issue across the Piney Woods region.  Because all of the counties in lake area (Polk, San Jacinto, Trinity and Walker) are rural and have limited resources, taking a regional approach to recycling make sense.

Polk County Judge, Sydney Murphy, gave the go ahead to explore a plan suggested by Dr. Ray Luna and Dick Burr. An ad hoc committee led by Judge Murphy’s Office Manager, Kari Miller, and including residents and members of Piney Woods Lakes Chapter of Texas Master Naturalists, SJC Texas Master Gardeners, and local business people, has met several times to discuss and define goals for the long-needed program. Members of the committee have explored a similar program in Huntsville and met with potential recycling processors/buyers for information. A very early project plan is taking form.

Recycle Lake Livingston is the preliminary name for this new organization, expected to become an independent non-profit, and volunteer-led to spearhead recycling efforts for county and local governments, schools, institutions, residents, and businesses within the counties surrounding Lake Livingston. The organization plans to seek initial grant funding from the Deep East Texas Council of Governments (DETCOG) and other sources to establish collection and processing sites, and begin community outreach to encourage participation in recycling. The organization expects to become self-funded through the sale of collected materials to recycling centers.

The committee is encouraging anyone with a strong interest in participating and potentially becoming an initial board member to come to the next meeting at 11 am on Tuesday, April 24 to push this effort forward. The meeting will be held in the second floor courtroom in the Courthouse at 101 W Church St. in Livingston.  For more information contact Kari Miller at 936-327-6813 or Beth Miller at 832-282-2423.

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